I have a team of people who work with me and staff that I trust and rely upon. Thus ensuring customers receive what they ask for and that new custom walks through the door.

However on occasions my directions, perhaps, are not nearly as clear as they should be. I asked one of my writers to pen an article that detailed the weird ways you could create a phone case. Taking for granted that they understood that to mean creating iPhone 6 cases with custom images.baby-gorilla-iphone6-case

After all, we do offer a custom phone case website where users upload their images for printing. Instead I received the following. I decided to publish the article anyway, as to be honest it is quite funny. So forget all the technical details for now, gadgets and apps and the fact that you actually need to use your phone constantly. Here’s several weird ideas for creating a personalised iPhone 6 case (Get the answer to Why The iPhone 6 Case Crossed The Road here!). Yes the actual case.

Rubber: Reformed by humans for two million years it’s been used on tyres, to make bouncy balls, to cover sado masochist bum’s when being whipped and to waterproof objects.

Send your phone off to a rubber factory and ask for it to be encased in a brick of 2×2 rubber. You won’t be able to use it and won’t hear it ring any more. Throw it, drop it, chuck it in the sea, it won’t break, it will be waterproof and you won’t need to claim on your mobile phone insurance.

Concrete / Brick: Is your mobile phone as safe as houses? Think about it. When was the last time a house was broken into? Then consider the last time a whole house was stolen… it just doesn’t happen does it!?! Encase your phone in concrete and turn it into a brick. It will be cleverly disguised and unlike gold or rubber, quickly accessible in emergencies. When not in use, simply place it back in the wall of your home. Ingenious!

Gold / Silver: “Hello my precious” Are you the King of Bling? The Queen of Sheen? People, rich people, spend hundreds of thousands of pounds dressing up their Supercars; so why not their mobile phones too? Some already cover theirs in Gold and silver cases, some encrusted with jewels, gems and diamonds. Others in fine leathers. Why not pay a visit to Fort Knox and get your mobile phone embedded in a gold bar. You’ll be head and shoulders above everyone else when it comes to mobile phone bling and worth. If you want to save money click here.

cute-iphone-caseBubble Wrap: The most fun way of securing your mobile phone and keeping it safe from all the danger’s in life – except fire, plastic and fire, not a good combination – is bubble wrap. Pop, squeeze, feel, put in the front of your underpants while out and about. It’s a wonderful material that will not only provide hours of fun but protect your mobile phone too.

Buy A Lion: Most people are a little bit wary of our larger than life feline friends but if you buy a Lion you may never look back, quite literally, when it comes to mobile phone security. The mane on a Lion would be great cover if you hang the mobile around its neck. You will always know where the phone is – how do you lose a Lion? And no one will steal it. Purrrr-fect.

Give It To Indie: You could let James Bond look after your phone but I think that’s more trouble than its worth. Cars smashed, died, all those angry women he flirts with and the enemy is a threat too. Indiana Jones seems a much safer bet. Give it to Indie and let him hide it in the Amazon Jungle where he can carefully set up with security measures to stop it being stolen. Or he could hand it over to all those ghouls and ghosts and place it in the Lost Ark for safe keeping. Even that pit of snakes in the desert could be a deterrent.

Outer Space: It appears to me that the biggest problem with mobile phone safety today is that of gravity. If there was no gravity, it would be impossible for objects to collide. There will be no dropping, banging, submersing, scratching, scraping, throwing. The mobile would just sit there, still, moving through time and space. The Indians can send your mobile phone into space for next to nothing. ET phone home.

Ed: Or, Mr Editor – how’s about we suggest customers make a Personalise A Phone Case from one of the three cases we have on offer? Customising each style with their own images, text and backgrounds?

Or why not consider a cheaper and easier way that allows you access to your mobile phone at all times, while still keeping it safe and secure and out of harm’s way. At Casemad we have three different cases which all protect from light impact damage. You can read about funky designs and techy safety stuff here.

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