We’ve all read scare mongering articles that televisions are making us fat. While it’s quite obvious it’s not the television that is making us put on weight. Choosing the act of not being active and instead sitting on the sofa for hours on end. Is it possible your mobile phone is helping to kill off the human species or others on our planet?

1. RF (Radiofrequency) Radiation:


For twenty years mobile phone businesses have been fighting consumer groups in courts over whether mobile phone radiation exists. And if it does, how much of it is safe or dangerous and should more be done to protect humanity. A varying amount of cancers have been attributed to mobile phone use and living next to mobile phone towers. Though there is usually a set of combative evidence to argue the other side, in which the more cynical among us would expect.

2. Reproduction:


As if the tales of what they put in water and what waste remains in water and that through these processes we’re being made to be more feminine. The male of the human species is said to be further threatened by mobile phone radiation when it comes to healthy sperm. Lower fertility has been a problem that has been rising amongst populations.

Though semi cured though IVF treatments, you have to wonder where this issue has stemmed from. Several studies have shown that mobiles carried around the waist can kill off sperm or impair the ability of those swimming starters of life. Are mobile phones killing off the next generation?

3. Conflict Minerals:


Your mobile phone contains a variety of materials, mostly from China and Africa that are deemed minerals borne from conflict. While authorities try to ensure none of the main four elements of tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold are derived from regions such as the Congo. The question of how tribal gangs earn million a year through the sale of these precious metals and minerals and go on to buy huge amounts of weapons goes unanswered.

4. Rare Earth Minerals:


Situated in Baotou, China there is a whole hub of activity centred around rare earth technology. Hundreds of companies rely on this central area of processing to extract the metals required to make mobile phone components. Two thirds of the entire world production is mined from Bayan Obo and taken to Baotou to be purified.

The result is a lake of acidic water and what can only be described as toxic sludge that spans for as far as the eye can see. While you can find a popular narrative of pollution should you search on that keyword plus China. This lake is toxic and would take centuries to clear up. Water seeps away and no doubt enters the natural environment. Does it kill birds, wildlife and humans, would we honestly ever find out?

5. Electronic Waste:


The poorer regions of the world continue to accept waste from wealthier nations. Countries which funnily enough, have citizens which reject the notion that waste should be dumped within sight of their home or in an area of natural outstanding beauty. Instead this waste is exported to China and other regions for dismantling.

A particular area of China and Guiyu has been nicknamed the electronic graveyard of the world. Inhabitants nearby and the over 60,000 e-waster workers are met by 52 kilometres of toxic waste on a daily basis. Do you think that’s a healthy work place? Do you believe these companies offer residents and workers the safest environment and tools to stay safe? I don’t think so.

6. Nomophobia:

Credit WilsonElectronics.com

In all walks of life we are advised to stay stress free, to stay on top of work loads and get colleagues to help out. To seek out relationship advisers and other avenues of remedial help should we find things getting a bit too much. Enter the mobile phone. Do you feel anxious when you have your mobile phone taken away, or the battery runs low and it dies on you?

The human brain comes accustomed to having something. A bit like your brain slowing up and feeling tired just at the same time you computer decides to slow down. Humans miss technology. A variety of studies have shown that people get anxious, nervous and feel at a loss without their mobile phone. Nomophobia is real and the feeling of isolation and stress is not good for your karma or overall health.

7. Distractions:


Overall the mobile phone brings us more good than it does bad. It is how we interact with our phone that is the problem. We can find many instances of people killing others while driving and using a mobile phone. People falling down drain holes while not looking where they are going or getting run over while crossing the road. Why not put your phone in your radiation proof pocket and look where you’re going and save yours or somebody else’s life today!

8. Posture:

Credit Lifehacker
Credit Lifehacker

While the majority of articles on the internet point to tablets being the problem. Phones and the way we view videos, photos and browse the internet can equally case problems. It’s the posture you see, craning our neck downwards is unnatural. Slouching is also not good for the spine. Is posture creating a race of people that when they hit age 60 they will be continually deformed. Well our mobiles haven’t been around for fifty years yet, we don’t know do we…

Through a variety of films and learned scientific study, we know that mobile phone companies and governments side with different reviews on technology as it suits them. As soon as someone says radiation from phones causes cancer, or nearby mobile phone towers, another scientist is paid to contradict the evidence.

The same happened with the motor car. When cars were just hitting the roads. You may not be aware of the continued campaign by governments and motor car manufactures that ensured the pedestrian public were put on the back foot. After years of effort, the car was giving precedence over humans and speed ruled the way. Likewise while mobile phones may be considered safe, as you can read above, there are exceptions. Just don’t mention the bees dying because of mobile phone radiation… I didn’t, honest!!