Most people have a mobile phone but despite this, so many of them get into debt, go to work full time and have problems keeping on top of their finances. If you take a moment to think about how you use your mobile, how much time is wasted just by browsing and chatting socially to mates?

Your mobile today is akin to a mini computer. In fact, it is probably more powerful than any computer made before 1980 such is the strength of computing power today and how much it has been shrunk. With that in mind, you have access to quality camera apparatus, fast 4G or wifi internet browsing and of course the ability to play games and talk.

1. WordPress Blogging:


WordPress is a fantastic content management system that has an interface which is optimised for mobiles. There are others of course. The point is, you can set up a website and update from anywhere you can get reception.

Just as people make money in an office or from a home computer, you can do likewise from a mobile. Because you are out and about and visiting places, you have probably got far more real life information to reinterpret than someone stuck in a room away from the world.

People make money several ways from their website. Advertising, tenancies and affiliate links. Combined with a social account you can drive traffic to your website, take travel photos, media event photos or generally talk about life wherever you are. Or simply write about what you know, such as cooking, wildlife, pets, design, or any other area of expertise!

2. Mobile Apps:

mobile app

I could sit here and look through all the mobile applications that could earn you a few pennies. However that would be impossible as there are millions of mobile applications. Which is why i can say for certainty there there are several that if downloaded, can start making you money.

While the majority of money to be made is from making mobile apps. Some which you can download set you tasks or ask you to do things and visit places. Either scanning barcodes, checking products, taking photos of places or generally submitting information or taking part in polls. Search Android or Apple for apps that ‘earn money.’

3. Advertising & Browsing:

It’s old fashioned and akin to downloadable tool bars that are rigged with advertising banners. Just it’s for the mobile phone instead. Once downloaded, when you browse you will see advertising at the top of your screen. You get paid for simply hosting these ads and letting them get in your way.

4. Making Videos:


A lot of the newer mobile phones are coming replete with HD video and 4K at that. This is a very high pixel rate which makes videos look fantastic once uploaded to the internet. Consider creating a YouTube channel and making videos of your own. You may need a niche and have attractive qualities, either through personality, opinion or subject matter. If you can get followers and build that up, you have a revenue stream in the making.

5. Taking Photos:


Can you make money simply by taking photos on your mobile? Yes is the answer but that depends on what you’re taking images of. Just look at the latest viral photos and have a think what you could take images of that would interest others? If travelling then it’s a no brainer, landmarks and hotels are a winner. But obscure items too. View = traffic = money.

6. Blog Commenting:

I have nothing against Twitter, it is a fantastic medium. Though if you think how many people update their time line with absolute rubbish – I’ve done it too, failing to realise that their same comment might have earned a whole British pound if doing so on someone’s blog.

That’s right. Some websites, more than can be mentioned. Reward people for going around posting comments on other people’s blogs. Either on message boards or at the bottom of articles. This gives them google love, creates a buzz, allows others to reply and furthers their aim of the article being seen. Why not get paid for comments rather than wasting more time on Twitter?

7. Social Updating:


As mentioned with websites, you can update information real time. Some popular Twitter and Facebook accounts have hundreds of thousands of followers. Sports enthusiasts looking at latest sports related photos.

People with interesting lifestyles who get to take socially frenzied photographs of glamour people. Or those that travel and telling all about the hotel, destination or offering advice. Linking into that website will help drive traffic and earn you money. The best thing, Twitter doesn’t need an internet connection to update, you can text too.

8. Sell Your Mobile:


If your mobile is at the end of its life, there is one more way you can make money from your mobile. Sell it to a mobile phone recycling company. While most networks enable you to exchange your phone and upgrade if you return it. If you bought outright you could probably get a few sheckles just for putting it an envelope instead of chucking it in the bin.

Everyone has a hobby or an interest, a past time that is usually partaken regularly. Use this to your advantage, someone somewhere is interested in your opinion. The more humorous or outrageous the better. Have you found another way of making money from your mobile phone? Do let us know below!