Apple products are a bit like Marmite. You’re either in bed with it licking it off your missus or you’re gagging down the toilet at the mere thought of partnering with the company. While it’s plainly obviously you need a MacBook Pro sleeve to keep it safe, there have been design decisions you should be aware of too.

For any other brand to not include a disk drive in their laptop or an Ethernet connection, there would have been scorn all the way from Morocco to Sydney and back. The MacBook Pro lacks essential parts that we have become accustomed too.

But never fear, Apple have decided to offer their best product by taking what you need out of the laptop by supplying a range of accessories for it instead. Isn’t that nice of them. They create a very tidy and beautiful machine, not knowing the future of Macbooks, because they supply other parts as accessories. I think while modular mobile phones are only just about to appear, modular laptops have already arrived.

Let’s look at a few essential MacBook Pro accessories that you might require to live out your life as a travelling mac – Fraggle Rock!?! Now you might wonder with a 500GB storage capacity why you’d still wish to run discs. they said Vinyl was going out of fashion but that cleaner, crisper sound is well on it’s way back, one thing is for certain a case for your laptop will make you different but might not make you popular!

In first place we have the Apple USB Drive, it looks very nice and isn’t a bulky item to lug around. It’s an external accessory that should really be inside the laptop itself. However if you want to read discs, write to disc and do all the usual disc drive stuff, the Apple USB drive allow you to at an extra cost.

At number two, we have to consider that somewhere on your travels wifi will not be accessible. It happens, Russia perhaps? Asia or Northern England… Apple removed any Ethernet capability and plugging in wall based internet. If you think you might end up in a wifi free zone or apartment, spend a few sheckles on a Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet port for instant connectivity.

Three is the magic number. If there’s one thing I dislike about laptops it’s that they’re wide but getting thinner. This suggest that no mater where you place the laptop in your home, they will take up the same amount of desk space whether open or closed. Enter the Cooler Master L Stand. A rigid Apple look metallic stand that holds you MacBook Pro case upright.

Our penultimate MacBook Pro accessory is the Seagate Backup Plus. with up to 1TB of storage it will back up your MacBook Pro with Time Machine and offer additional storage. Just in case your laptop is stolen or heaven forbid you tip a bottle of coke over the keyboard like I did and lose everything.

Of course, this website wouldn’t be true to itself without suggesting you take great care of your expensive technology and branded purchases. Protect your laptop with a custom made and add personalisation for your MacBook Pro case which you can design in a few minutes, even if you’re a hostage, with your own images and text. Use your apple and get designing.

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