Are you snap happy? If you go to a concert or an event you often find hundreds of people taking photos and video of the same thing. I don’t know why. Not only do they get in the way by holding their phone up but if someone else is recording or taking pictures, surely you can just check Instagram or YouTube the next day to relive it?


With my personal gripe out of the way, you can take head and save space on your mobile by not taking the image snaps that everyone else is. But if you’re addicted to that as well as social media, why not back up iPhone photos automatically instead? Not only will this save precious MB of data but also conserve the battery life too.

This cloud thing that everybody is going on about is really useful. One such cloud option – the ability to store stuff online instead of your own device – is I really get fed up of hitting the stored photo limit when wishing to take a photo in the moment. You can prevent this situation from occurring and increase battery life and GB space by using the cloud; something else which is driving people away from highstreet stores – the ability to get what you want direct from your mobile phone!

Simply download Dropbox and enable camera upload. All your photos will be duplicated and you can then bulk delete the photos form your iPhone 5. If you wish to do the automatic upload manually, turn the app off when not required or you may lose money when exceeding internet bandwidth limits. This is an easy way to automatically back up your iPhone’s photos. It’s also quite handy when wishing to upload images to our interface when designing your customised iPhone case online.