For quite a few years now you have been able to purchase mobile phone camera accessories that are specific to the phone’s camera lens. Thankfully, the latest phone wars concept has been able to bring camera tech up to date so it’s not that lousy 2MP photo result we’ve all been coping with so well. Though serious photographers will still need a ‘proper’ camera, you can add more ability to your smart phone.

While the latest phones are coming out with more software than you know what to do with, ranging from better capture, to after the fact photo editing tools, you can still find an array of mobile phone accessories for taking better photos, despite the front facing video cam and 20MP camera on the front. Which when you read the reviews, is only ever 8MP max in quality…

1. Remote Controls:


As much as I love Selfie Sticks (I don’t, I think you should be covered in jam if you own one and surrounded by wasps.) I love the idea of a remote control however. Operating via Bluetooth they enable you to take a photos from up to 30 feet away. Though be sure someone isn’t going to steal your phone. Oops.

2. Stands, Tripods And Dolly:

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The bog standard camera tripod has come on leaps and bounds. There are a variety of stands and tripods that wrap around objects and are fully flexible, but offer a firm stand from which to take still photos and video. For the budding film maker, you can also find a range of miniature dolly. A wheeled buggy which you can push to ensure no wobble. ACTION!

3. WiFi Data:

I have always found file transfer troublesome between mobile phones that do not have removable memory. iPhone anyone? While not strictly a camera accessory, your images do end up on MicroSD cards. With a Wireless Data Reader you can insert any number of memory cards and transfer data to your mobile phone seamlessly and without the use of a desktop or laptop.

4. Lenses & Filters:


These enable a variety of different image qualities to be brought to the fore. So if you’re not a fan of after the fact editing software and want the real thing. Attach external lenses to the mobile phone for better quality pictures, as well as funky colours and fish eye lenses.

5. 360 Degrees:


How do they do that? Get a perfect 360 degree photo? They didn’t hold the phone up and twist on their heels, that’s for sure. There are several electronic devices that allow you to stow your mobile phone on top and equipment such as the Cam Lapse will do the rest. Allowing you to take those wonderful panoramic images without any hassle.

6. Extra Flash:


Some manufactures, which we won’t mention, are a bit fruity and don’t supply a very good flash. When it comes to night time photos, I think these people are a bit bananas and haven’t considered you need lighting for a better quality picture. Purchase an additional flash for your mobile phone to get the most of night time memories. Instead of trying to brighten up the photo after or guessing who exactly is in the frame.

7. Drone:

Found on Copter Drones
Found on Copter Drones

One of the most phenomenal inventions of this century has been drones that blow things up from miles away and are controlled by the military. While nature programs have been filming wildlife on remote control planes for decades, the drone for public use has seen some fantastic photos taken. Nobody has ever got into the positions and enabled us to see glorious shots of Victoria Falls or the next door neighbour sunbathing before now. Get a drone for full on photographic wow factor.

There are of course a multitude of other accessories that can help you get more from your mobile phone and the use of the camera. Hopefully the mobile phone wars will heat up further and provide yet more stunning photography power for the average instagram fan. Let us know of other devices that can assist in better camera photography from a smart phone using the comments section below or tweet us @Casemadcom