Corporate branding and company logo marketing is one of the easiest ways to get your business noticed in the high street. Are you taking full advantage of the resources at your disposal. If you are a medium to large business you have to hand the marketing assistance of fifty to a few thousand employees.

htc-one-m8-leather-style-caseWhile some businesses have started embedding microchips in their staff’s bodies, or tattooing their company logo on their limbs; you do not need to take such elaborate action to get your message out to the masses. You may have previously used pens and stationary like notepads, offering fluffy animals with messages on their ribbon tails but have you thought about branded HTC One M9 cases with corporate branding?

When you order phone cases in bulk, the cost comes down. For less than the cost of monthly office tea and biscuits, your staff could be promoting your company wherever they go.

Offer your employees the opportunity to design a custom case for their phone, with their own imagery, incorporating your company logo and strap line. Then offer them the case for free. When your staff go home for the day, travel the country at weekends or go down their local pub, your company message will be portrayed to the world via the logo branded personalised HTC One M9 cases.

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