Have you ever wondered how people get their images on their mobile devices such as phones and tablets? Prepare to be amazed. They have probably visited Casemad and iPad Mini covers online using quick and easy tools to fashion their own custom masterpiece.ipad-mini-3-caseWe’re not just any phone case website we enable you to use advanced design tools to customise your tablet casing to the hilt. It all begins with our choice of templates. We recently added a further seven templates. They’re really funky too. You can now select three types of Collage patterns as well as multiple circles.

While the more traditional rectangle and split image custom cases are very popular. The circles allow you to focus on faces far better. Zoom in and fit your whole family’s mug shots on your iPad Mini case. The gaps between offer enough room to place text. “My Moaning Mum” alongside “My Silly Dad” with “My Annoying Sister” and “My Intelligent Dog”. Or you could upload a photo of your favourite hobby, like motorcross (photo above), tennis, fishing, basketball, car racing, etc.

Those are just a few ideas for personalising your tablet’s case. With a little “photo shopping” you can have much more fun designing before you upload your final images. Add prison uniforms or put your friend’s heads in different head dresses – Kings, Queens, Fireman hats or do a special case for Halloween, if you’re on a budget our prices are very competitive.

The cases which you can personalise for an iPad Mini come in two formats. The Ultra lightweight slimline which is made from 2mm polycarbonate and simply snaps on and off your tablet. This is the most interchangeable for all occasions.The second is an Executive flip leather style cover which fastens shut has a plush interior to stop scratches and looks luxurious, see below for an example:

ipad-mini-leatherstyle-caseOnce you have photo shopped images or directly uploaded them to the interface. Arrange your photos within one of the nineteen templates. Add your own text, straplines or funny comments. Names of the people, memorable dates and ensure you select a background colour if necessary, your friends will want one too once you show them your new case! To check progress simply hit preview and you’ll see a live version of your creation so far.

Not all phone case websites offer as many templates or tools as CaseMad, so be sure to try us first. Using state of the art printers and truly fast delivery, your high quality personalised iPad Mini case will be printed and with you and your iPad in no time at all. Start designing here, it’s free to try out the interface.

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