Don’t look at me like that, as if a cat or dog or mouse can walk around talking into a mobile phone… Ordering a pizza, buying shares or purring down the phone because they need to be let out to go to the toilet. However, there exists a variety of mobile phone accessories and mobile technology that can help pets interact more with modern life and their owners.

dogIf there wasn’t a market for these products they wouldn’t exist. We all love our pets and if we could communicate with them while away from home, or track them while they are out, why not have a little fun? Let’s take a brief look at the technology designed with our pets in mind.

1. Pet Video Phone:


Have you ever noticed how when ‘Dad’ is talking on the blower to ‘Mum’ the Dog figures out your speech pattern and what you’re talking about and hangs around? Don’t tell me you’ve never put the phone to your dog’s ear so he can hear her too!

Enter a company called PetChatz, an American based firm has developed a video phone made especially for when you are away from home and wish to keep in touch with your pets. Activated by a sound your dog can learn to recognise, when calling your dog he can run to the phone and be in contact with you in an instant. Seeing your face, as well as hearing your voice. WOOFtastic!

2. GPS Trackers:

pet collar tracker

There are now a wide range of available dog and cat specific GPS trackers which your pet can wear when out and about. Usually in collar form, they contain a mobile phone SIM which you can text to find their location. This usually comes with computer software so you can track them on Google maps. Handy if your cat has been away for a week or you simply wish to know which house they are visiting for their umpteenth meal.

3. Mobile Video:


Although a new phone is out shortly to offer much more. Detailed below. Vodafone have already got a smaller Scout 1500 phone on the market which enables you to see what your dog sees via remote camera. There are several other vendors of doggy and pussy cat collar cams you can research also.

4. Canine Ringtones:


Here is another to wet your dog whistle. Ringtones for dogs? Just so a dog can hear? We’re not quite sure why you’d want a ringtone that only a dog can hear, perhaps you could use a mobile phone in tandem with an automated feeder. It’s from the Japanese and they are absolutely mad on gadgets for their loveable pets. Owners probably find a range of uses for this dog only audible ringtone.

5. The Whole Dog And Bone:

Image Source: The Telegraph
Image Source: The Telegraph

Forget having to walk your dog yourself any more. Do you have a trusting relationship with your dog? Why not let it roam like a cat and tread its normal route to the park all by themselves. With a Scout 5000 mobile from Vodafone you can instruct your pet, talk, listen, see the doggy view by cam and even get health data based on their paw pace. It even comes with a mic so they can talk back.

6. Translation:

“If I’ve told you once I’ve told you a thousand times!!!”

If you thought the above inventions were a little crazy, what if you could actually communicate with your dog or cat more effectively and without training? A scientist, Professor Slobodchikoff (yes that’s his real name) believes in the future mobile phone technology and an embedded app will enable you to understand what your dog’s bark or cat’s meow actually means.

Much like translating from Russian to English and visa versa, he think we will be able to translate barks and meows too. While it’s pretty obvious when they want feeding or taking for a walk or need the toilet, based on association with time. There are times when more specific details are warranted.

Understanding “Can you scratch my back?” or “I Have stomach ache because I ate your mobile phone and you haven’t noticed it missing yet, but mate, I really need to go to the vet pronto” are two things that artificial intelligence (AI) software may be able to decipher automatically in the future. If you’re purring at the prospect of this cat and dog enabled tech, it’s only the translation that is future tech, the rest you can buy today.