If you have ever walked into an Apple store you will have noticed one glaringly obvious aspect. There are far more accessories than there are stand alone products. This either means they have so much in their computers there’s no room for the added extras or they leave them out.


We’ll let you decide on that for yourself. Unlike many comparison charts and MacBook Pro / Macbook Air reviews, let’s just come straight out with it and state the following. The best option on a MacBook Pro is the 13 inch with Retina Display and now I’ll tell you why.

You have to ask yourself whether £600 for an extra two inches is worth the investment. 13.3 inches versus 15.4 inches. Both models now come with back lit LED Retina Display which provided much higher pixel density, is easier on the eye and a much crisper viewing experience with rich media.

The 13 inch Macbook Pro is also lighter in weight, smaller in size and contains a faster 3.1 ghz i7 processor – dual core. Which means all your apps, software, web pages and start up will all occur much quicker. Laptop = travelling + fast access + lightweight. Mac = staying on the desk at home or in the office.

You also have an option on whether to purchase 8GB or 16GB of memory. You don’t get that level of personalisation on the 15 inch. While the battery power is 30% less compared to its bigger brother, unless your train journey is over 70 hours long you should be ok and a McDonalds wireless top up is bound to be on the cards if you’re heading to Mongolia on the Orient Express.

USB 3 ports, thunderbolts, HDMI, Force touch and all other features are basically the same. Just battery life, screen size, weight, cost, additional Intel Iris graphics card on the 15 inch and higher processor on the 13 inch make the difference. Personally, we’d choose the 13 inch. As £600 saved, is £600 towards the next edition in a few years time.

Don’t forget to protect your new laptop with a MacBook Pro cover which you can design online at Casemad. Yes Apple do laptop cases too but they are more expensive, all look the same and don’t arrive with your high quality printed images emblazoned across the front like ours do!

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