As with any recipe, you need to have all the ingredients to hand to ensure the best of results. To design a cover for a Macbook air is as follows: Take two scoops of creativity, blend with a mix of images of you and your family, add a little E colouring and throw in a pinch of text and favourite phrases.


Your utensils are a little bit more numerous. To be able to lay your ingredients on your MacBook Air casing you’ll need some truly intensive equipment. A laptop case printer which will cost around £20,000, printer inks, a home made case from injection moulded rubber or a variety of other composite materials with all the port holes cut for media in the correct places.

Once you have your case base built, simply add the ingredients and let it stand for twenty minutes. Congratulations your very own DIY kit for creating your custom MacBook Air cover, aka the future, has enabled you to make a single case for approximately £30,000. Alternatively you could just borrow ours and use the interface at Casemad.

For less than quarter of one percent the cost of creating your own, you can upload images and text within seconds. And a few minutes after we will print out your design on a custom MacBook Air cover and have it delivered to you on next working day delivery. DIY kits are useful for most things but not custom cases, just borrow ours.

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