I am sorry to have to inform you but Apple is very subset specific company who knows you to a tee. They can take one look at a person and the device they are using and know instantly what they are about. OK, not exactly but say for instance you bought an iPad Mini instead of one of the other larger devices or more specifically an iPhone. Well they may know you’re on a budget.

The reason for buying a cheaper iPad Mini may not appear so obvious, however they know that you either have many devices already and simply like the size and offering of this iPad version. Or maybe you know better to spend loads of lolly on technology that will need upgrading in a few months time. Speaking of saving money see the linked article if you’re looking to stream the tennis on your ipad instead of any other way.

For this article and to not cause too much offence in calling you a true Scotsman who sews up their pockets every time they leave the house. We’ll take the latter option and that you’re a savvy consumer who spends their money wisely. Which is good news for both of us. At Casemad we enable you to create personalised iPad Mini covers online at a very low and competitive price, what’s more, time is money that’s why it only takes minutes to design your own tablet cover.

For starters, it’s free to use, then there’s free delivery and we may even have phone cover discount codes available. So get stuck in, upload your images and text and have some fun creating a budget phone case for your friends or your budget iPad Mini!