You are no doubt quite aware of how often you are attached to a wall charging your mobile or have restricted movement when it comes to using your iPhone 5. As computer hardware has got smaller, the one part that hasn’t kept up with that pace has been battery longevity.


While we are very pleased to hear that in the not so distant future, batteries will be so intelligent that they may well last for years without recharge. Or that you will be able to charge free and on the go with a variety of eco batteries that are worn on clothing and in shoes.

An interim solution will be wireless charging. If you stop for a coffee or are waiting for a bus. You will be able to charge your phone from up to 25 metres away – supposedly or directly at a wireless charging point on the table. Until this all goes mainstream however, you’ll need to customise battery life settings in your iPhone 5.

Apple is about to assist you though with a very adept iOS9 with one aspect tailored to saving space, at least an hour on your battery life. It will work by automatically reducing animation size, lightness of the screen and power down all non essential apps. Automation is of course better but customising settings will also help your mobile last a few more hours.

You could of course by a solar powered battery pack and not worry about any of these things at all. While you can’t switch out an iPhone battery, you can use another chargeable device and plug it in when required, taking several batteries with you. If you’re going to do that, you may as well get a personalised iPhone 5 case while you’re at it; and if you’re after a voucher or discount see here.

Contrary to popular belief, your phone is not for everybody to contact you but for you to use when need it. While you may be a social butterfly, you can probably save a few hours by switching to airplane mode when it is in your pocket. Two things your phone constantly operates is a search for mobile communications tower and wifi connections. Switch these two off temporarily and you’ll save bundles of stored energy; you can also back up data online. The same can be said of Bluetooth and email settings.

You could use Auto lock, as less time with screen display active is a further saving. Now not only did we recently recommend you turn screen brightness down at night to ensure personal safety but reducing activated light after sunset when its not required will lessen power usage. You can download an app to monitor these settings automatically, another thing you can’t get in highstreet retailers.

Asking you to avoid app use is a bit much but having many apps open at the same time or playing games and watching media is considered heavy usage. If you do need to prolong battery life for any reason, choose lower versions of the game or video. Your phone is a constantly updating, wireless connecting, antenna searching utility.

If you think of what is essential at any point in time, do you need siri, advertising via location services, app updating and checking, social media updates and so on constantly? If you’re addicted then yes, so suffer the consequences. But if you reclaim your mobile control and self esteem, follow the guide above to make the phone yours again and not a tool for others to constantly reach you to say they “just ate dinner, it was nice!”

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