Your MacBook Air is thin, lightweight and when straight out of the box, looks the same as everybody elses. It’s ok when you’re in a room filled with different, bulkier laptops but if you sit amongst 20 other Air owners you’re in danger of being part of a group. That’s not trendy dude / dudette!

The design process for a Macbook Air case or MacBook Pro is far better and more fun than that of creating one for an iPhone or tablet. You have a wider surface to display many more images or go for the minimalist approach and utilise one huge image that says far more about yourself and personality.


We have devised an interface that allows you upload as many images as you wish to use. Although the future of The Macbook Air is bright, signs indicate there is a lot more to come from Apple.  Resize, merge, move or set as a background. Choose from a variety of templates to enable you to separate the images or add text underneath and to the side. The text could be favourite phrases, statements, ideas or a company message if requiring a corporate phone case feel for your employees.

With the landscape that a MacBook Air provides, you can really go to town and be imaginative with you final image creation. Design your MacBook air cover online, save the image once completed and let us see what you made by adding it to the comments box below. Have fun!

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