If Apple really did sell an iPhone 6 mobile phone every ten seconds in the first three months it was on sale. That would suggest that if there was an Apple convention in London and you invited 500,000 people to a concert for iPhone 6 owners. That the 500,000 who turn up would be in the same style shoes, same t-shirt, wear the same trousers and all have the same phone.

As much as you love the design, surface and feel of the new iPhone 6, you can’t escape the fact that everyone else who bought one, has a phone that looks exactly the same as yours. For crying out loud, why me!!! I feel your pain but there is a solution. You can design you own iPhone cover online with us.


No really, you can. We have developed the technology that enables you to upload your own images, plug in your ideas and enter your own text. Fashioning your very own custom iPhone 6 case. So that when your invite arrives for the Apple concert in London, along with 499,999 other iPhone 6 owners, you, your phone and clothes will be different to theirs.