The mobile phone market is worth billions a year globally. Of Apple’s company profits, mobile phone sales make up a seriously large percentage of their overall takings. This means there is a pretty large market for mobile phone accessories also. With quite a few interesting to slightly ridiculous ideas being actively sold.

Forget patents, these are products that have actually made it through the manufacturing process and are available to buy. Though who does actually buy them is anybody’s guess. Let’s have a look at several of the insane mobile phone accessories that you can order today.

In 5th Place...complete with awkward youtube video...

Mobile phone companies put a lot of effort into each handset’s design. Affording large budgets to R&D to ensure their product works. So when another business comes along with rubberised thumbnails to enable you to type more accurately, a person working on touch screen technology may just fall backwards and die. Textees do exactly that, they are thumbnails for text typing.

In 4th Place...

Buy now on Amazon if you dare!
Buy now on Amazon if you dare!

For the last sixty years or so for home use and later on with cassette players that was an invention called headphones. Have you seen them? Dangly things with earpieces and a wire that fit into your MP3 players and even your mobile phone. Quite what the people behind the Cell-Mate phone accessory thought they were doing, we will never know. It uses a gizmo to attach your phone to your ear. Yes it’s hands free but come on!

In 3rd Place...


No laughing at the back please. If I told you the land of Kangaroos and Australia invented iClothing with Kangaroo pouches for tablets you’d think I was bouncing to the moon and back. But they have and here it is in all its glory. “Does my bum look big in this?” No but your belly does at the front darling!

In 2nd Place...

Credit to Buzzfeed
Credit to Buzzfeed

Is it raining out, want to use your smart phone? Gorilla glass makes using a phone in water much easier. Touchscreen gloves make it possible to use a phone when it is pouring down also. However if you want to keep your phone rain free, why not buy a USB windshield wiper? Powered by your phones internal battery, you can watch an episode of the Simpsons without a droplet in sight and simply turn on the wipers. No comment.

And finally, In 1st Place...


My girlfriend talks on her mobile while she’s on the toilet, yours too? I don’t quite understand how they manage the hygiene aspect or whether their friends mind the farting and splashing sounds they hear either. Consider getting her an iCarta mobile phone toilet roll dispenser, complete with Stereo Dock. Then she can wipe her bum hands free and her friends will just think she’s in an underground caving system with a lot of noisy frogs.

Having you found some equally silly mobile phone accessories? Why not share your finds in the comment box below. Quite rightly a lot of the accessories are fun attachments and meant to be fun and hilarious to use and give as gifts but I’d much rather a sentimental phone case from