In the age we are living, if you take your eye off technology or stop browsing shops for a year or even six months, you’ll find yourself very out of the loop. For instance in the last week I discovered 3d printing pens and video phones for dogs. Incredible when you think about it.

You can imagine how much development can be furthered in six months when it comes to mobile phone battery chargers and how they might save you money now. Especially when you consider Moore’s law of circuitry doubling up and minimising every few years. In ten years we’ve gone from putting a then desktop computer into the palm of our hands. Again, incredible.

Electric Powered Battery Chargers


Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, is the phrase that comes to mind. While we are of course constantly trying to stop using fossil fuels and rely on energy from renewables, batteries pre-charged from an electric source are still the mainstay of cheaper battery chargers.

Electric battery charges come in varying forms, some are phone cases or bags and pouches, others are stand alone that come with different ports, voltages and additional features such as acting as a torch or capable of being a power source for more than just a mobile.

While the unit costs to purchase and you’ll be tapping into home or work electricity power, there is of course an ongoing cost too. At least the rechargeable batteries can be numerous in number and you’ll never have Google maps dying on you or angry friends believing you are ignoring them.

Smart Clothing Battery Chargers


One of the newest innovations is a form of smart clothing that can generate electricity. The power is derived from two different fabrics rubbing together, creating friction utilising an effect termed Triboelectricity. Now and in the future you could effectively wear a jacket, that as you walk, generates enough electricity to recharge your mobile or MP3 playerson the go.

A different form of smart clothing could enable trainers and shoes to be embedded with technology that recharges a battery as you walk. Then you could simply plug your phone into your footwear if ‘running’ low, to get an instant charge. As soon as you start walking again, the battery charger would again recharge.

Battery Chargers As Wearables


Though smart clothing and wearables is a terminology with little distinction and variance. Wearables could be accessories that are not necessarily clothing. Taking into account wrist bands and tattoos. The science suggests that we could tap the body’s own lost heat and electrical generation to power our mobile technology throughout the day, negating the need for batteries altogether. It’s a little close for comfort however.

Solar Powered Battery Chargers

Solar mobile phone charger

They can power satellites, GPS systems and even your little old mobile phone. Using the sun as a power source, when outdoors camping or hill walking or on the go at work, unveiling your solar panel regularly will allow you to power up any number of devices. While walking around with a two metre solar panel is not ideal. These solar powered battery charges are more travel sized and come in a variety of pouches that are far easier to transport.

Water Powered Battery Chargers

You don’t need to knock down valley housing, re-route mountain streams and dam whole swathes of land any longer to create power from the force of water. By utilising the technology behind current fuel cell batteries. It is possible to garner ten hours of battery life from just a table spoon of water.

The only part that needs replacing constantly is the ‘puck’ which contains sodium and is the reactive source behind the electricity generation. It’s not entirely as stand alone as solar power but negates the need for the sun always being out. It is also ecologically sound.

Wind Up Battery Chargers

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Most of us have heard of the wind up radio, a brilliant innovation that brought millions of Africans the ability to listen to broadcasts simply by winding up a radio. Now, when your phone goes dead in the middle of the Sahara. You can simply take out the battery, place it inside a closed compartment with a circuit board and a hole for your thumb, and simply twizzle it around until a battery is charged again.

We are always on the cusp of a new technological advancement or announcement of future tech. Always moving forward. At the time of collating the many different mobile phone battery chargers available, we are informed that battery technology will allow for a seemingly endless battery life, making battery charges defunct but until then… we will have to make do with the super fast ten minute charging capable many new mobile phones are being released with.