Brands and retailers have a healthy obsession with marketing, it’s the only way to get their product ideas across to the general public. Ensuring increased sales and getting the word out. As a business there are traditional methods such as advertising in newspapers, busy locations or on taxis.


Then of course there is digital media with email marketing, social media interaction and running competitions and advertising on other websites. Now what if you could get every one of your customers to tattoo your brand logo or message on their foreheads. An amazing amount of visibility would be generated, while one or two may sign up, it may not be the easiest way for it to catch on.

At Casemad we envisage another idea. What if you could get the same amount of visibility through an iPhone cover instead? There are two ways you could get customers to carry your brand message around with them, showing it off every where they go.

Firstly mass produce custom iPhone cases and give them away at high street stores or online. It may well be an expensive way to market your company but could be trialled on a smaller scale. Everyone loves a freebie but it will need to be tailored to what the customer wants. Perhaps tie in a celebrity launch or simply offer a discount towards a custom cover with branding. There are also designs being produced to create a case that can recharge the iphone battery with solar power, now that would be a useful add on!

Another way would be to run a competition, whereby if a customer walks into a retail outlet with the branded personalised iPhone case and they show it at the point of purchase. They will receive an instant discount on the clothing or products they are buying. This will save money as well as time, while loyalty cards do offer a similar result, not many of them flash their card at passers by continually, unless they bank at Coutts of course.