You and I both know that while you may have only recently taken receipt of your new HTC One M9, HTC are busy on their next creation. However that doesn’t stop them promoting the current model, offering updates and new software to ensure you are content with both the product and service.

htc-m9-caseMarketing is big news with mobile phones, the manufacturers are adept at keeping you entertained with new software upgrades and the ability to increase you phones power with a simple clickable download. Though not everything goes as smoothly as they wish.

The HTC One M9 has not been as well received as they had hoped. Shipping less than half of the predecessor in the first three months of it going on sale. Although there was was an upgrade in camera and processor chip, it would seem only people on contract and new purchasers decided to lump in on the newer version.

That’s not the only problem HTC has encountered. We are all impacted by social media at some point in our weekly routine. To market a 24 carat gold covered version and custom HTC M9 case devised for the 2015 UEFA Champions League final. A savvy Twitter user noticed that HTC used an iPhone to take a photo of the limited edition versions. Yes that’s right, an employee used an iPhone to take a snap of their own phone!

Updates wise, they have kept to their word and ensured the phone’s software will be upgraded from Android 5.0 Lollipop to Android 5.1 by the end of July 2015. Though they are still a step behind others who have been offering 5.1.1. Do these little numbers matter? Well yes, not exactly HTC’s fault, 5.1 crashes with some apps and there have been battery and memory storage problems.

While you may believe these to be hardware issues, often the case with software with hardware is in compatibility. It is much easier to tweek software strings than completely change hardware which until we have modular phones as a fully accepted genre, it’s operating systems that need to be adjusted and maintained once a mobile is sold.

With a software upgrade your HTC One M9 will operate more efficiently, be provided better internal features such as improved wifi controls, batter power management and increase in camera ability. The most written about upgrade has been increase automatic exposure and cutting out noise and blurred images. in different light settings.

Problems are expected with all mobile phones unfortunately but one that you can keep at bay is the cost of replacement and repair. HTC recently proffered a hard case for their relatively expensive handset. Though that’s not the only solution and with it retailing at around £50 you might ponder as to how much you should spend when it comes to a mobile device that will no doubt be replaced with a newer model within six months.

At we allow you to upload images and create a your own protective case for a quarter of the cost. Within minutes you can design your own M9 phone cover and have it sent out the next day. While millions of us await updates, hardware and software improvements and rely on the manufacturer to make the phone better, it’s good to know we can take safety issues into our own hands.