Are you fed up of being told what products can do for you? Audience cheers. Aren’t you fed up of being told you’ll look more beautiful, appear more clever and get in with the in crowd? Audience applauses. Well welcome to Casemad where you can create custom MacBook Pro cover online and where we also tell you the truth.

If you are looking to win promotion at work, buying your boss or line manager a custom made MacBook Pro case will not help in the slightest bit. No matter whether you arrange images of all the staff and you in a leadership role or show how much you adore and appreciate him. You’re better off just getting one for yourself.

The truth about a MacBook Pro will also not make you more rich – though it might save you money when compared to other cases. It won’t make you look more beautiful, if you was hit by the ugly stick on the way into this world, you’ll most definitely be ugly on the way out. Don’t concern yourself with trying to stay young and hip, just protect your laptop instead.

Do you think this MacBook Pro cover will win you more friends? Quite the opposite, as you bought into Apple in the first place, you’ll probably more likely to be envied than Facebook friended. You’ll be much better placed in society if you take the opportunity to crate a collage that makes your Apple MacBook Pro look like something from Tesco’s own brand range. Image of 99p lemonade and 5p tins of beans.