You’ve no doubt heard of Earth Day, Mother’s Day and Steak and you really wish a lot day, but have you come across National Unplugging Day? Like most internet ideas, we believe it was pinched from the Jewish over in America but the UK has finally plugged into unplugging.

ipad-mini-3-540x334There’s two websites so far. for America, everyone and Jewish families primarily and the more recent Both of which have a day of every year set aside for, yes you’ve guessed, unplugging. No not hairdressing.

Now I have to admit I agree with the sentiment. I don’t actually own a mobile phone at the moment and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever not owned. No arguments with the girlfriend, no one calling to sell me something, meetings are arranged and kept to and everything is going swimmingly.

In America on 6th March and the UK on 28th June, millions of people will turn off from technology and roll back the years to a time when television, electronic gadgets and the internet didn’t exist. Really, there was a time when iPad, iPhone and iThingy did not pop into our minds every three seconds, a bit like that other subject for men.

I have a girlfriend who needs a guide dog to assist her when walking. With phone in hand, texting and checking social, the guide dog manoeuvres her through shopping centres and around lampposts and oncoming pedestrian traffic. I call him the iDog. Multiply this addiction by millions of people in every country and you can see how lifestyles have truly changed.

Need to know the weather? Check Wunderground, a simple and quick look at the Sky would be unthinkable. Want to know when the next train is arriving, Google it, but perhaps the fact they run every half hour is enough notice? How much is the price of sausages at tescos? Perhaps it’s the same as last week or was that because it had horse in it?

We infomine search engines for every conceivable question even though we probably know the answer. “I’ll just check to be sure.” Then there’s our daily activities. Work wise technology is probably inescapable. Which is why it happens at weekends. What could you possibly do without an iPad 4, television or social website contact?

Hmmm, thinking, thinking, yes still thinking… for approximately two million years humans did not have electronic interfaces. They played board games, went on trips with the family, hunted and fished, camped and cooked on open fires, celebrated Christmas together. They hill walked, talked over dinner as a family or for the best part grunted and made hand signals. Yes the same today at my house.

The question I would like to ask you is, can you unplug? Could you go a day without the internet, not checking social and Facebook or Twitter, the weather, turning on the telly or radio, answering an email or phone call? National Unplugging day may work well for some but even people who get away from day to day life take their mobile and satnav just in case they get lost – which you can still do, just turn off until an emergency arrives.

For the next National Day Of Unplugging why not highlight the national unplugging day by designing an iPad case and spread awareness of the day. Or, if you’re not in the mood for Captain Caveman and going all dinosaur on technology. Tell the unpluggers to plug off. See our other post which has some funny ideas for personalising your tablet cover.

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