Not many people realise the ingenuity behind connecting technologies when it comes to manufacturing. While there are programs on the Discovery Channel which detail how stuff is made, it really is quite brilliant how big brands and niche businesses get in on the act.


Take for instance online photo printing for HTC One M9 covers or any custom made phone case for that matter. The variety of processes to reach a finished custom phone case with your image on is quite easy to attain from the customer’s perspective but the logistics have to be carried through first.

There are many image printing services for phone cases online. One such is But how do they do it? As soon as a new mobile phone is launched, HTC M9 or HTC Aero etc. the case manufacturer goes to work on the exact specifications, cutting holes, ports and shaping based on the original phone.

After the the initial model is confirmed an exact fit and tests have been run to ensure the material offers sufficient protection from light impact damage. Whether the custom One M9 case is formed from 2mm polycarbonate case, leather style case or toughened injection moulded plastic. These are made in the hundreds of thousands and despatched around the world. Taking into account regional differences of course like double sims or additional ports.

Once a photo printing service receive the product they can then start to market the options for a custom HTC One M9 case. But how do they get the photo on to the case itself? While phone cases were busy being invented and produced for several years. Printer manufacturers such as Brother were hard at work patenting and developing phone case printers.
htc-one-m8-caseThese are similar to the printers you have at work or at home, the only different being the printer heads can operate at pre programmed angles. One of the reasons you can’t simply place a blank phone case in your printer at home and end up with a personalised case with your own image on which covers the edges and exact styling!

Instead the printing service uses what is termed a state of the art printer. Especially made to print high quality ink on the surface of a variety of phone cases. The printers are loaded with one or several cases and either multiple cases of the same image or different images are sent through to the print queue on the software.

Within seconds your new custom case has a full colour image with high quality finish and it is placed in a protective package and despatched on next day delivery. sell online photo printing for personalised HTC One M9 phone cases for less than twenty quid.

We offer you the ability to upload your personal images or business logos, add text and background colours and devise custom images in minutes. After which we take our custom manufactured phone case, place it in the custom made phone case printer and ensure a high quality image is printed on the face of the case. Ensuring you’re happy with your phone case and that your mobile is protected sufficiently from light impact damage.