OK, perhaps they may not be out of this world but they may just confound and make you wonder why they bothered. On the other hand the inventors could have discovered something epic…

The Mobile Phone itself was a play on the fixed wall telephone. So sure as eggs is eggs, someone is bound to change how you handle your mobile and what you use it for, over complicating the situation!

Mobile Phone from 1998
Mobile Phone from 1998

We have selected a variety of ‘oh my God do they really think that is a good idea?‘ To ‘Wowzers, that is some remarkably clever technology that will help my life immensely.‘ Take for instance the patent for an energy filter mobile phone case and US 6711387 B1.

That’s the friendly term. The part that gets read and sees Orange, Vodafone and Samsung shelve such a proposition is “radiation shielding mobile phone case.” As if any of the mobile phone technology giants are going to admit you’re holding a mini Chernobyl in your hand!

3 Patents That Really Should Have Stayed In The Head

With that classic, let’s move on to some equally bizarre but handy innovations when it comes to phone case patents and design.

1. For those who have not been on Earth long, we bring you the combined cell phone case wallet. US D639552 S1 is a wallet and a mobile phone case. Yes that’s right, don’t just have your mobile stolen or your wallet stolen, GET BOTH NICKED AT THE SAME TIME. Coming to a retailer and thief near you soon!phonecasewallet

2. Did you ever wonder why old and some new cameras still have lens covers, yet a mobile phone with enabled camera tech can seemingly do without one? Well US 8764319 B2 has been asking the same question, finding an answer in the lens cover for mobile phone cases. It fits in the lens hole, as well as secured in the headphone jack. It’s a bit fiddly and I’m not sure people will be that bothered.

For sale: Phone with integrated camera – top of the range technology!

3. Ten years ago I’d have praised someone for coming up with the following. Though I still question how many people go swimming with their phone (or sailing in one metre of water). That said CN 204031238 U solves those water based problems with a water proof mobile phone case. Considering it was filed in 2015 and the mobile phone manufacturers already began making their products waterproof to a depth of one metre for 30 minutes… I don’t think so.


3 Mobile Phone Case Patents That Could Have A Use

1. Girls, girls and effeminate boys, don’t you just wish you could look at yourself all day long? Rather than walking into lamp posts and other objects every time you glance in the mirror? CN 103565072 A patent showcases a mobile phone case with mirror attached. But darling you may have to take the case off to see the mirror when you answer a call unless you’re wearing earphones.


2. Here is one idea that is sure to make heads turn. Mobile phone case patent US 20080125188 A1 describes an invention that can make a phone case capable of charging a battery by solar energy. This is not as far fetched as you may think. Campers can already carry around a pack of three solar panels to power televisions and other devices. A solar panel phone case may just work. As soon as it arrives we’ll add it to the rest of our personalised phone cases for you to design.


3. Other such patents that we hope find their way to market are, the very specific mobile phone case with touch pen holder – US 20140162735 A1, the very nifty US 20140128130 A1 which fixes the phone to your hand by merging itself with your fingers. And who could wish to miss out on the US 20120052929 A1 interactive phone cases with its concept of non-conductive colour inks, electronic touch sensors and light emitting diodes.

These phone cases light up when your phone rings they would be great for Christmas, don’t you think!




Please do let us know in the comments section what, exactly, they’re on about!