Samsung Ace 4 Personalised Covers


Personalise your Ultra slimline cover for the Galaxy Ace 4 (SM-G357 / G357FZ). Upload your image below!



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The Ace: Personalisation for your Smartphone:

Ace4While not the cheapest of mobiles, it is certainly priced mid range. The fourth of the latest line Galaxy Ace phones as indicated by the number 4, certainly provides a glimpse of what a more expensive phone has to offer. For it offers Android KitKat OS with Lollipop upgrade.

You usually have to pay quite a bit more to have this running. Why is it priced low? Well the RAM is half the usual rate at 1GB and internal memory storage is low. We don’t like built in memory however. MicroSD cards have multiple uses and can be transferred quickly. In that regard the Ace 4 enables a 64GB expanded memory option. More than enough for most people.

Fast Transfer, Fast Browsing, Cheap SamsungSamsungGalaxyAce4

The video is 720p quality but with only one frame rate. At 5MP it is less than a third of the top range models but still has LED flash and all those Instagram favourites of Geo-tagging, face/smile detection and a panorama setting. We don’t know why you get so many extras for the price. Like NFC for easy transfer of files and 4G capability. But maybe due to the lower screen resolution of 480 x 800 which quite honestly is really low, and again a huge drop in internal memory storage. Which tends to cost more per GB installed than cost per expanded.

A Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Case Will Shield From Drops

As for the design of the phone, you are going to snap on a funky Galaxy Ace custom case are you not? At less than 1cm in width it still offers the ability to wrap a custom case around and still fit in your pocket. You might have guessed already that the screen needs a little more protection from light impact damage, scratches and drops when on the move. There’s no Gorilla glass and the it has a TFT capacitive touchscreen.

If you’re not into photography, gaming, watching films long term and instead want a great and fast browsing experience and a second use, throw away non contract phone. The Ace 4 is for you!