Design Your Own Blackberry Curve 9360 Personalised Cover


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When buying a new phone, it’s like getting a new toy. What does it do? What ringtone shall I have? What will I choose as my screensaver? Here’s another question to add to that list; how should I protect my new phone? You want to be able to show it off, make sure your friends notice it and you don’t want it to be the same as everyone else’s. The answer to that question and the solution to those problems is easy: By designing a personalised BlackBerry curve phone case, it will not only stand out but it will be totally unique. Create your own collage, pick your favourite photo, upload it and give that new phone the protection it deserves and your street cred the ultimate boost.

Do you offer custom accessories for the BB Curve?

  • The custom fit phones for Curve models are made especially for the 8520, 9300, 9320, 9360 and 9380 models.

There are also two variations of phone case which you can customise. One options is the Executive case for the Blackberry Curve, another is the Slimline. The executive leather style phone cover is replete with fancy stitching and a magnetic flip cover enabling quick and easy access to your phone. All the ports and speaker cut outs are custom across the curve phone case range. The internal phone facing side is made of soft cloth and a plastic cover exists to further protect the screen.

The slimline version is a snap on phone case which is made from 2mm polycarbonate, offering a sleek and slender look while carrying forth the lightweight design of your mobile phone. Again the cover comes with all relevant cut outs for your specific mobile. There are several different Blackberry’s currently on the market. Each of which have their own individual functions and external buttons, speakers and media points situated in different locations across the range.

For this reason you will require a specific BB Curve case depending on the model that you have bought. While mobiles today are durable, their casings are often susceptible to dropping, scratching and in the worst case, can be damaged, split or screen broken.

Why buy a personalised case from your site?

Many phone owners prefer to buy a phone case for two reasons, the first to shield from the aforementioned damage which can occur from almost hourly use, and secondly for the additional grip that a casing can provide, with ridges or surface textures that are more easily held. Mobile phones are an individual purchase choice either on look or function or both. you can further customise your Blackberry Curve 8520, 9300, 9320, 9360 and 9380 using two different styles.

You can place a ready made collage, pattern or amalgamation of photos on the read side of the case to make your phone stand out from the crowd. However on the leather phone case we print on the front facing flip lid using the latest specialist printing technology.

The sturdy custom made, hard wearing, scratch resistant BB Curve phone cover allows us to offer 100% full colour image printing in tandem with our state of the art printers. Meaning any image, whether of your family, friends, simply text or even business logo can be transferred professionally on to the custom phone case. When choosing the custom leather mobile casing, you will have the option of over twelve different layouts for a photo montage. Ranging from one full face, to ten boxes and a funky split section fascia.

You will be able to upload your photos and depending on the montage layout you chose, use the interface to manipulate your photos into particular areas as you see fit and decorate with text, clip art or a background colour.

The BlackBerry 9360 Curve-ball …

I sometimes wonder whether Blackberry just wants to shake off it’s keyboard and dance the night away on an open display. It won’t and we like the brand that way. This is one of those so called budget phones which is only half the story. I recall a Sony Mars Bar costing £9.99, this Blackberry Curve 9369 will set you back £200 sovereigns. That’s not budget, that’s half way between a 20MP camera and a shopping trip at Harrods. Hardly KFC bargain bucket time. So where is the value hidden?

It’s certainly not in the loaded GB, as that’s 512MB plus a 1GB MicroSD card. It can hold 64GB but you need to shell out for that separately. There’s also only 512MB of RAM which tells the whole story. You are not doing much on this phone all at the same time.

Let’s be clear. A certain individual will buy this phone. It’s Blackberry, it has a fantastic QWERTY keyboard and a small screen, 2.44inches in usual television terms and a resolution of 480×360 pixels. You will not be watching HD in your browser. As for browser experience, no screen buttons again. This is a phone with high talk time, longer battery life and the obvious Blackberry operating system with all its overwhelming superior messaging ability. This is a small business phone at best.

Why Contracts Offer Upgrades

Your children can play a game or two but not the latest one’s they would expect. It is not a children’s phone. Nor is it a game phone, browsing phone or camera phone – though even iPhone can only offer the same 5MP camera. The phone was released in 2011 so don’t complain too much if you got it second hand. Simply look after it as best you can and get it ready for the retirement home. In fact, if you get gramps some glasses, he might even be able to use the keyboard still.