Personalised Collage Cover: First Choose Your Phone Make & Model

Create your very own customised collage mobile cover!



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  • Choose case type, then if it’s for a phone, tablet or iPad
  • Then pick the type of collage you want from the tab
  • Upload your pics and proceed to arranging them how you want them to look, preview before you buy!

When uploading images, image 1 will go in first position on the left of the collage, image 2 will go into next position on the right, and so on. Please find below the different collage variations:

collage123 collage456 collage789 collage101112 collage131415 collage161718

At Casemad you don’t need to be an art student to make a piece of art. Using our easy interface you can choose from over fifteen individual collage phone case templates to assist in presenting your photo montage to the world. Which ever photos you hold dear, create a pastiche and use unrelated photos or gather up all your family photos and present them in a beautiful compilation of your personal life. Or just stick to the children or a husband or boyfriend and create a custom collage of the ones you love.

We have taken the hard work out of creating a collage phone cover

We designed three elaborate and sturdy phone cases which will protect your phone or tablet from the evils of life, those scratches, scrapes, bumps and drops that can over time affect the stability of the device. Each of the collage smartphone covers have been designed with the individual model in mind. All the cut outs for media ports, audio, buttons and touch screen are made to measure leaving you only to design the front and back of the mobile phone fascia.

Design Your Own Photo Composition

Symmetry is often important when it comes to design. We have 12 collage designs to select from. Love someone A LOT, use our heart montage phone case for the desired effect. Need to tell a story? utilise a range of ordered and displaced rectangle collage shapes to get the message across.

Perhaps you’re a little dizzy and more outgoing, how’s about circles instead? There is no end to the mishmosh of photo compositions that you can work with at Casemad. The only limitation is your own imagination. Upload photos of work, family, pets, places you’ve visited or bits from each and create a pastiche. This truly is a personal photo collage that is unique to you. Make a patchwork of your favourite photos and add background colours or dress up with personalised text and slogans to further customise your collage tablet cover. All at no extra cost!

Are the collages available for all devices?

Yes, you can use our collage designer on any phone device make and model that is in stock! There is of course a primary reason for a casing and that is to protect the phone or tablet from harm. All of our cases protect against light impact damage and come in a range of three styles. The 2mm polycarbonate type snaps on and off the phone easily and the rear facing can be designed. The second is a Premium Edition full wrap around which is made from injection moulded plastic featuring 3D sublimation printing process = gorgeous glossy images. With this casing you can even have pictures overlap the edges!

For a truly luxurious feel, why not opt for the Executive flip collage? It has magnetic closure and you can design the full face of the flip side cover. Make a hodge podge or mash up of your favourite photos and create a custom collage in minutes! Find your inner art and show the world.

Choose Case Type

Ultra Lightweight Slimline, Executive Flip Leather Style, Full Wrap Around Premium Edition

Phone Tablet or iPad?

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Choose Collage

Collage 1, Collage 2 (2 Images required), Collage 3 (2 Images required), Collage 4 (4 Images required), Collage 5 (4 Images required), Collage 6 (6 Images required), Collage 7 (6 Images required), Collage 8 (8 Images required), Collage 9 (8 Images required), Collage 10 (10 Images required), Collage 11 (12 Images required), Collage 12 (8 Images required), Collage 13 (8 Images required), Collage 14 (20 Images required), Collage 15 (26 Images required), Collage 16 (26 Images required), Collage 17 (12 Images required), Collage 18 (16 Images required), Collage 19 (6 Images required)