Samsung S3 Mini Personalised Smartphone Cover


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  • Get a personalised protective case for your Galaxy S3 Mini!
  • Get a phenomenal personalised protective case for your Samsung S3 Mini: Executive Leather Style Flip Case.
  • Customise Your Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini with a Full Wrap Around Premium Edition Case today!
  • For Promotional gifts or Corporate orders – please get in touch.

Small doesn’t mean boring. There’s still plenty of space on your Samsung Galaxy S3 mini to put your own stamp on it. Instead of following the crowd or buying smaller versions of the same old cover, use your own creative flair to make something that nobody else has access to. Whether you want to use a recent photo, a memory or you favourite design, the possibilities are endless. The choice of casing type is up to you. Then all that’s left to do us upload your chosen photo and there you have it, your very own personalised mobile phone case.

Released in November 2012 the much awaited Galaxy S3 was a welcome arrival and sales of the model are still going strong despite the release of the Galaxy S4. You can personalise your Samsung mini phone case above. We will send your cover out to you as soon as it’s printed, if ordered before 12pm, will be delivered within 2-4 days.

While the S3 comes in a sturdy original casing and offers the exemplary design qualities expected of this manufacturer and can be replete in red, fleur, white and pebble blue it is still advisable to ensure the phone is fully protected with an external protective casing.

Create Your Own Unique S3 Mini in Minutes!

Most phones have the same features, this is true, however they all differ in size, dimension and the ports are positioned in different places which is why you need a custom Samsung cover for your i8190. The Mini has intelligent features such as voice activated picture taking, volume up and down as well as a balance mode which turns the screen light off automatically when you’re not using it and a very clever ear to phone text voice ability which is quite magical.

The buttons, ear phone ports, camera slots all need a specially made Galaxy Mini cover to ensure easy access and the photos and the view won’t be obscured. You can keep the 4 inch screen and its contents much more safe with out custom Samsung S3 Mini cases.

Here’s how you can to protect your new Samsung Smartphone in Style:

There is quite a lot of scope to personalising your S3 thanks to our three options on case type. The Slimline is made of 2mm polycarbonate which can be snapped on and off the phone. Protecting from light impact damage, you can design the rear of this casing. The second option is the Executive Flip. Popular amongst the young trend setters who want a little bit more. It is made from leather effect material and protects the whole phone, even stopping the screen from getting scratched.

The third is a full wrap around Premium edition casing. This is similar to the snap on slimline albeit it wraps around the complete sides of the mobile phone fascia, offering additional protection. It is also termed premium as the printing process is different in that it’s 3D Sublimation printed, which provides a lovely glossy high quality finish. Plus you can design and personalise the full read and sides of the wrap around casing. All the personalised cases have all the cut outs in all the right places, specific to this model. So you can be sure the i8190 phone case will be suitable and phone operate in the same manner after being protected.

Samsung Mobile Accessories for every model!

Use our online interface and upload your own favourite photos and graphics. Either of friends, family or memorable locations and then arrange them in twelve separate templates depending on the style you wish to portray. If photos are not enough, you can select from a wide variety of text fonts and shapes and decorate your mobile casing with words of wisdom or your favourite quotes, or catch phrases.