Make Your Own Personalised iPad Air Covers


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Birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries or just because you want to keep a memory with you. A bespoke cover for your tablet makes a great gift as well as something you can treasure. Whether you want to be able to laugh at you and your friends on that crazy rollercoaster, or you know that Mum loves the most recent picture of the newest family addition, add a bit of personality to your technology. Got more than one favourite pic? No problem, design your own collage by adding in your best photos, pics or quotes. Not only will it be fun and colourful, it’ll be a great talking point among friends.


Will your custom cases fit my Apple iPad Air/Air 2?

Yes! Confused? The only thing we know and care about with regards to the iPad series is that all our iPad casings are designed to fit each particular model.

So whether you have iPad 2, 3 (the one that disappeared), 4 or iPad 5 which is effectively the iPad Air, or iPad 6 which could well be termed iPad 6, iPad Air 2 or even iPad Pro. We still have all the cut outs in all the right places for the iPad Air case and future Air 2 covers. Still confused? We have different sections for iPad covers which you can find here so don’t be. Air was the thinnest and lightest iPad to date, hence air. We have one of the lightest and most durable Apple Air covers on the market to compliment it also.

What different types of cases do you offer?

The first is the Slimline Air case which is made from 2mm polycarbonate and is a sturdy snap on and off casing. The Air, being light and thin, is one of the most favoured tablets to carry around. Aside from the iPad Mini of course. This means it is in more danger than any other of being dropped or damaged. Get one of our sleeves and ensure it is protected wherever you go.

Can anyone design a personal tablet case on your site?

Just as in school when you used to decorate your writing books with wallpaper or wrapping paper to protect it from a year’s study, adding scribbles and photos. People do exactly the same with their tablet, phone and iPad cases. Once you have uploaded your graphics, business logo or images, you can choose from several templates in which to build a montage of your pictures. You can build a collage on the entire reverse side and full surface of the snap on cover.

Not only that, we have a library of clip art which you can add into the mix, you can also select a background colour just in case you don’t want side by side photos throughout the design. After which you can decorate and personalise further with text in a variety of different fonts. We use 300DPI printers to provide a high quality print finish on all our accessories. The better quality of image you provide, the more we can use the pixels and colours to offer a vibrant casing for your device. Most orders will be delivered within 2-4 days.

iPad Air Video Review

When is a laptop not a laptop and when is a tablet not a tablet? When it is an iPad Air, silly! Anyone who has heard of Apple, Newton included, knows that just like gravity always pulls you in, so does Apple. Laptops by their very nature are heavy and there are times when on the move that we like a little bit more screen to view. Not only that but file carrying ability also. Files, apps – same thing. The train, camping, in the park with the dog. The new iPad Air is very light at 478 grams which makes cycling and hiking with it possible.

Where iPad Air differentiates itself from other Apple products like iPad, is the A7 64-bit processor. It’s faster and more clever. Which means you can run more difficult computing task or apps for longer without any noticeable slowing. The term Air could also indicate less heating within the device and not only just the fact it is very lightweight. As for design, it is metallic which again gives it a superior and premium feel over its competitors. Silver to boot. Curved where it matters so easier to handle for hours on end. Sometimes you just can’t win, too heavy and the damage when dropping is more, too light and you drop it or it slips more anyway!

Custom Fitted Air 2 Accessories & Cases: The iPad Air, being light and thin, is one of the most favoured tablets to carry around. Aside from the iPad Mini of course. This means it is in more danger than any other of being dropped or damaged. Get one of our bespoke iPad Air covers and ensure it is protected wherever you go.

The New iPad Air 2 Is A Breath Of The Oxygen Stuff

Like many of the current Apple products, it has a 5MP camera. One day you will see 20MP and 30MP cameras but only when they feel the time is right. It does have stereo speakers which is better than the iPad, though the positioning could have been better thought out.

No iPad Air review could finish without mentioning the 9.7 inch retina display on top the LED-backlit IPS LCD, capacitive touchscreen. See, told you. All protected with scratch resistant glass and but alas no TouchID in this version. So it is safe for your wife to borrow it. With a better than average battery life and sturdy design, order your iPad case today and get travelling.

For the iPad Air or Air 2; Create your customised iPad Air cover -type: Lightweight slimline. Or Make your iPad Air stand out from the rest with an exceptional quality ‘Executive’ Flip Leather Style Case which covers front and rear of your tablet.