Make Your Own Personalised iPad 2, 3, 4 Cover


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Technology is not cheap. Neither are hefty repair bills. You’ve made an investment and you want to protect it. Whether you take your iPad everywhere with you or it’s only used in the comfort of your own home, protection against damage, spillage and sticky fingers is a necessity. With the choice of casing, you can pick the one best suited to you and your needs. Then you can make something unique. Become an artist and design your very own, personal iPad cover. Use old photos, funny photos, memories or just something that you like. Whichever you choose you will be able to distinguish your technology easily using a straight forward, fun method. Technology may be expensive, but the cover doesn’t have to be.

Add personalisation to your Apple:

  • iPad 2
  • iPad 3
  • iPad 4

We can also supply for businesses for bulk/corporate orders, please email for enquiries.

Personalise your very own iPad 4 and ensure you protect the iPad from scratches as you carry and use it on a daily basis, in the street, in cafes and at home. The iPad has been one of the most successful tablet series releases in history. Bigger, thinner, smaller, one camera, two cameras and a variety of ongoing software updates and functionality coupled with iTunes apps makes it a technological friend to everybody.

Many of us purchased all or at least one of the series so far and it’s important to protect these high purchase items at all times with a sturdy and hard wearing iPad cover. They travel with us everywhere, especially now with better wifi capability, which means more risk to the unit. Notice: For the Executive option – currently we only print on one side of the flip style case and the rest of the case will be white in colour.

Do you have custom made cases for each Apple iPad model?

Absolutely! Tablets come in different sizes, even within the Apple range of products you need to buy a case so that all the media ports, memory slots and speakers are accessible. Unfortunately you can’t always swap these covers between different products. Our iPad covers are designed with each iPad in mind. Cut outs are positioned precisely to cater for the media slots, headphone ports and external buttons so that you can use the tablet just as easily as if it was naked.

There are two separate iPad covers which you can customise. One of which is made of leather and has a flip cover opening and the second a slimline casing which easily snaps on and off without any harm coming to the tablet itself. Both have all the required cut outs and are guaranteed to fit your exact make and model.

What kind of customisation options do you offer?

Thanks to the size of a tablet, you can have much more fun when customising your iPad 4 cover. With a surface area of almost ten inches by seven inches, your images will be larger and more visible and you can really go to town with making your iPad more unique than any other. By using our industry leading interface you can upload your photos within minutes. After which you can choose from several templates and begin to build a collage of your images and art work. You can decorate the front of the flip face on the leather iPad case and the entire reverse surface of the slimline cover.

We use state of the art printers to ensure a high quality finish of all printed covers. It’s not only images that make a difference however. Use a variety of text by utilising the tools in the interface and choose a background image and a variety of clip art to further customise your personal case. All of the covers for Apple iPad 2, 3 and 4 are hard wearing and will protect against light impact damage, more so than without a cover. The slimline cover is made from 2mm polycarbonate and the leather case carries quality stitching and a soft touch cloth interior to ensure a comfortable setting for the tablet inside when being carried.

Keep your tablet safe at all times and depict family, friends, pets and holiday locations in a montage within a casing which you can show off to friends and colleagues and stand your iPad out from all the rest.

ipad4reviewThe Review!

Released in November 2012 the reception to the replaceable upgrade was warmly received. A significant problem with any Apple product has been battery life. This has been extended in the latest iPad version. With up to 720 hours stand by and rather cleverly 9 hours talk time.

Yes talk time, there are two versions the bog standard numero quatro and the wifi and cellular version. Probably significantly better for video calls rather than holding up to your head. But as with most Apple Tech, calls can be transferred from phone to mac to table, handy if you’re already plugged in to the iPad4.

Customised To Keep Grubby Hands Off Your Assets

There is no significant change to the exterior design of the iPad4. It is as slinky, curved and sleek as its predecessor. Though you may wish to protect such a valuable asset and stylish design when you’re on the move, or when carrying it in your bag.

A lot of people did opt to buy the iPad Mini instead, due to it being lighter than its 662 gram counterpart. Apple is yet to wow on the camera front but if they offered everything from the off, they wouldn’t make billions off their customers at every replaceable upgrade would they?

With a 1.2 MP camera front facing and 5MP at the rear. Don’t be too concerned as the lower end is actually for HD video recording or live send, for example, Skype calls. So that delivers 720p which is perfect and you can still take great photos with the other. Though much less than the 20MP phone users are going to expect in the future.

Something Good Arrives Amongst Bad Apples

The question is, what do you actually want from your device? That’s the consideration to make before purchase. With phones, tablets, laptops and desktops and all the tech converging you can focus on what you really need to do. The iOS is still its cheery helpful entertaining self, amalgamating apps from money hungry developers the world over. And the new,soon to be old fastest A6X processor yet makes switching between apps and working with more open in the background more achievable. We like it.

Personalised case for 2nd 3rd and 4th Generation iPad. Phenomenal quality delivering amazing quality photo print finish.