iPad Mini 3 Personalised Covers




  • Apple iPad Mini 3: lightweight slimline case
  • Design your custom iPad Mini 3 in minutes. Accessory details: White leather effect exterior – soft touch inside. Magnetic clasp keeps cover secured.

Is your iPad lonely and feeling a little depressed? You can brighten it up with a custom case that can help turn your tablet’s life around! Don’t worry, yours is not the first to feel like it blends in when it’s dying to stand out and express itself!

Millions upon millions of iPad Mini’s want to release their inner selves. If they can’t they tend to be found jumping out of our hands, falling off of three foot high tables. Even going as far as to slash their touch screens on purpose on passing objects. We work with high quality manufacturers to give your tablet the stylish jacket it needs.

Prevent Damage In The Coolest Way Possible: Personalisation for your Apple iPad Mini 3

The iPad is having an identity crisis. While you have been given additional security features such as fingerprint touch ID. What has the iPad received in return? It had to lose weight, keep exercising to stay fit and operate faster.

Give your iPad a chance at living it’s own life! Our specialist doctors have devised three protective casings which could make “damaged beyond repair” a failed pursuit. The first two are snap on, perfect for emergency breakdowns. If you notice the iPad feeling a little under the weather. Snap on a bespoke casing and ensure its safety.

The third will not only offer protection from light impact damage but console and comfort your tablet with a blanket like interior. With a warm embrace that can be quickly enacted should an episode occur with a simple fastener. Environment is only part of the remedy however.

Preventative Medicine With an Apple Cover

It is imperative that you make the iPad feel at home, as if it owns the place in which it resides. Through extensive therapy sessions we have learned that full colour imagery supplied by state of the art printers can make all the difference. Enabling a positive and cheery attitude at all times.

Have a discussion with your Apple device, find out what it really wants deep down. Select a template from one of a dozen that you both agree will help alleviate any stress. Decorate with your favourite images. It could be a long lost friend such as an iPad 2 or an amalgamation of Apple products. Don’t let your iPad return to its factory settings! Get a unique case as medication today.

Video: Review And Choice of Cases

Available from October 2014 the Mini 3 reviews have been coming thick and fast. what does the latest iPad have to offer us Apple hungry tech freaks? Well it’s for exactly that group of people and for those who like a little bling. It helps keep it safe from drops and light impact damage. But the tech? Oh yes, it’s loaded with the latest TouchID enabling you to place your thumb on the home button of all places and buy stuff and access apps etc.

A Definite Thumbs Up

There is one lesson to learn quickly here however, do not lose sight of your thumb. If your missus wants to borrow it, make sure you know where it is at all times! Secondly the screen, with a 7.9 inch retina display you’re in for a treat. Aside from that, some think you are better off sticking with the iPad Mini 2 until 4 is revealed. Regarding the bling, this device comes in a gold version, not real gold obviously, just the colour. The buttons are however made of metal which makes a change from other materials: Making your purchase feel a lot better on the pocket.

Is Basically Money For Old Gold Coloured Rope

You won’t find the latest NFC tech on the iPad Mini. it was primarily issued to iPhones to swap devices at shop counters and transport. Not many people walk around with a 332gm tablet in their hands. You will also need a new NanoSIM from your network.

The cameras are the same quality and off the ability to take pics while you chat away on Skype from the front, if you happen to be a busy bee. All in all, it’s Gold but it’s old. Not much change here but you could get a a new custom cover here and save yourself a few hundred pounds until the Mini 4 arrives.