Personalised iPhone 6: Design, Create & Make a Custom Cover


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  • Our protective cases are high quality, look fantastic and keep your phone safe from knocks and scratches. Select your case type Full Wrap Around Premium Edition, or Faux Leather Flip Case.
  • Full Wrap Around Customisable iPhone 6 Case: Made from toughened injection moulded plastic. Printed using 3D Dye Sublimation Process. Protects whole phone, exceptional quality 300DPI glossy finish.
  • Create an iPhone 6 Case that also protects your phone from bumps and scrapes. Our leather effect case looks gorgeous and has a soft touch inside with a magnetic clasp that keeps cover secured.

iphone-6New Phone Case Accessories for the iPhone 6

It’s 2015 and although you will be quite aware, the iPhone 6 phone case will need to be bought anew because the new model is set to be smarter, thinner and larger. With those changes in design comes the need to have a mobile cover that fits those ports, buttons and media access points perfectly.

Thankfully at Casemad we have manufactured a personalised phone case that fits directly on to your new mobile. In fact, we offer three cases which are designed to protect your phone to the fullest, from knocks, scrapes and light impact damage, no matter which style you choose.

Our flip case which is leather style, which wraps around your mobile and offers a magnetic flip front to keep it securely covered when in motion. The soft interior protects from scratches while carrying and the reinforced plastic edging holds the mobile phone firmly in place. You can design the flip back of this case in full colour with a multitude of images using our templates and customise with text and background colours.

The second option is an Ultra lightweight slimline case which wraps around the rear of the phone and is made from toughened 2mm polycarbonate. It is sturdy and scratch resistant and you can design the back of the casing with any design you can imagine.

iphone6-2015Design Your Own Cover in Under A Minute!

The third alternative is also a snap on rear iPhone 6 casing which is known as a full wrap around. Made from injection moulded plastic the full design effects are apparent, with the ability to print right up to the enveloped edge, meaning you can create your own in a matter of minutes, this process is known as 3D sublimation.

The case is hard wearing, durable and scratch resistant also and provides full body coverage. It is as easy to remove as it is to snap on and all three cases have the appropriate cuts out for easy access. Also, we don’t currently offer silicone ones. At Casemad we utilise the latest high tech printing technology to deliver supremely colourful 300DPI, long lasting functional cases. Test out your designs now via our funky cover design interface and upload your images to see how they will look.

The Review!

No matter what Apple produces they still can’t figure out how to get more battery life out of their technology. My girlfriend is constantly glued to the wall and the car. I have suggested that a house phone would be cheaper to run. But then she wouldn’t need one of the twelve custom cases that she’s constantly swapping around depending on where she’s going.

The way things are heading, we will be carrying portable televisions around with us thanks to mobile screen sizes increasing at such a rapid rate. No change here either as the iPhone 6 has a 4.7 inch display on a 5.5 inch casing.

A Larger iPhone Without All the Tech You Don’t Need

It’s not all doom and gloom however as it is still small enough to fit in the boot of your car, you just need an extension lead to keep the battery charged. Though for all my gripes, it is still smaller than their rivals. There is technology growth however.

The 6 comes with up 128GB in-built memory but still no card slot. I have said it a thousand times, mobile phone manufacturers charge you much more per installed MB that the cost per GB on a MicroSD. Because they can. The iPhone6 still relies on its own inner and exterior tech so you should ensure you get a personalized case for added protection.

Like most Apple products, they are expensive to repair because yet again, they can can charge more, because they can. I’m also afraid to tell you that the iPhone is still not dust proof or water resistant (unlike the Samsung S5 and Samsung S6). So get your missus to clean more and don’t go swimming with it. Regardless, I have never really understood this water proof malarkey. In 37 years I have never gone swimming with a watch on. Do they think I stuff a phone in my swimming trunks?

Apple Developers Are Single That Is Evident*

While the design is to be in awe of, like it’s predecessors, you should be wary of the camera as that is no longer flush with the phone. As with any Apple product it is what is inside that counts. Fingerprint tech, maps, voice command, predictive text and new features with iOS 8.

The directors at Apple must all be single as they now allow texts to be sent after talking to your phone instead of typing furiously. Anyone on the end of an angry girlfriend knows this is just the beginning of an ongoing nightmare. NFC pay has arrived which should make you GF happier “can I borrow your phone love?” In three months you’ll figure out why when the credit card bill arrives.

The iPhone 6 does not include a 20MP camera unlike its rival and Nokia Lumia. You will have apps galore, instance stuff galore and be able to confess to all that you contribute to Apple’s $66 billion kitty, I think it’s that much anyway. If you want to put your own stamp on your 6 / 6 Plus, do so at where you’ll stand out from the crowd and #beunique!

*The developer thing was a joke, honest!