Macbook Air 11″ Custom Covers


  • Choose your Macbook Air size (11 or 13 inch)
  • Select your case with or without the apple logo hole
  • Upload your image(s), arrange how you like them, preview before you buy!

Personalise your MacBook Air with a protective ultra thin hard wearing case. Stylish & Long Lasting: 11 Inch Case with Apple logo.

You’re constantly being asked for gift inspiration for your upcoming celebrations. With the fear of receiving the same old smelly bath sets or a jumper you’ll never wear, you opt to suggest a new cover for your recent purchase, your new Macbook. This prompts a list of questions about colour, design etc… Instead of making it difficult, make it yourself. Craft your own, unique Macbook casing by picking out some of your favourite photos. Create a collage of fun times, memories or quotes you love most and decorate your laptop. That way you needn’t worry that you’ll end up with a pink glittery case when you really love football and rugby!

Your MacBook Air Has a Personality: Let it out!

I am going to confuse you. You may not be yet but I will begin. The Macbook Air you have may not be the same others are investing in. You see, Apple has decided to simply upgrade the Air without giving it a number. But don’t worry, specific 11 inch and 13 inch cases still fit correctly.

The only changes to date (2014 into 2015) are that the processor has been souped up from the previous 1.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 to a 1.4GHz Intel Core i5. Also battery time has increased to 12 hours from 10 hours. Aside from that the Air has not changed much.

Which Apple Air Do I have? Aha Good Question

It is still 1.35kg in weight, can contain a whopping 265GB and operates with 4GB of RAM. Making the choice between a Macbook Pro Case and and iPad or iPad Air an easier one to make. Price wise you still have the 11 inch and the 13 inch to decide upon. But ultimately if you want a lightweight laptop that goes the distance, this is it.

For many people, the weird and wonderful, operating a laptop in the dark is kind of handy. The backlit keyboard makes that possible. One question that uses keep asking is why not a retina display? The 1,440 x 900 screen is adequate but would add to the overall cost. Hence the Pro retina evolution.

The Only Problem With Macbook Air Is Deciding Upon Size

No matter what Apple develops, its users always want more. Incredible really but perhaps they want you to purchase more than one device? Which is why we offer low cost MacBook Air covers so you can buy more cases for the rest of your growing Apple family.

By far the best quality to compare against its rivals is the mouse pad, or multi touch track pad as it is termed. You don’t get that tingly tired feeling when using it and no others have come close to imitating the glass which makes it a smooth ride.

There are many features to compare, the high quality graphics, the speed of apps running and ultimate connectivity. You just need to decide upon budget and screen size and be wary which Macbook you are buying if visiting eBay.