Macbook Pro Retina Personalised Covers: Be Unique!


  • Choose your Macbook Pro Retina size (13 or 15 inch)
  • Select your case with or without the apple logo hole
  • Upload photos and preview your customised case online.
  • Macbook Pro Retina ‘Personalisable’ (is that a word?) Covers.

Personalise your Pro Retina with a protective ultra thin hard wearing cover. This version of the case comes with a choice of an apple logo or without as per preview.

Business. Most of it is carried out online these days making the need for a laptop even more essential. Going to meetings, skype chats, e-mails, spreadsheets… It’s all in a day’s work and you need to be able to take your Macbook wherever you go without worrying about scraping it with that new pen whilst it’s stored away in your work bag. Invest in a laptop cover that’s not only durable but personal to you. Choose the type of cover you want then construct a customised casing using your own photos. Bring your Macbook to life whilst taking away the worry of bumps, scrapes and dents.

At 2kg you may wonder if the Pro Retina is light enough, but in actual fact it has lost 20% in weight since it got married with a new screen. The average laptop weighs more than 2.5kg. Even so, it will never be as light as the ‘Air’ with all the funky tech inside.

Put it this way, most of us enjoy the girlfriend sitting on our lap, if she weighed 4KGs we would trade her in. My daughter who is four years old doesn’t understand why this laptop has 5 million pixies living inside it. I agreed with her that it is quite a lot. Most adults gasp in amazement that is also has 5 million pixels as well. 10 million all in.

A Personalisation Unlike Any Other: Pro Retina Makes Colour On Other Screens Look bland

It is the all new brand spanking retina display that has been rolled out across then entire Apple range that is offering the wow factor. 5 million in Pro Retina 15 inch and over four million in the 13 inch. It makes you want to just throw vibrant coloured paint around your living room, take photos and upload them to see how bright and detailed they look. Which incidentally you can do in our interface when creating your own at Casemad!

Enough about the most amazing factor. There’s plenty more inside. It’s quiet, I mean put it in the daughter’s bedroom and leave it on while she sleeps quiet. It offers ten hours of battery life which on such a power hungry retina screen is quite incredible. Apps as usual are streamlined across the board for instant sharing and set up is a synch with sync.

Shoot Up Your Macbook Pro Retina With OS X El Capitan

If you’ve been away from Apple for a while, they’ve gone all Disney on us. There is now an operating system named El Capitan which is their best yet. Your Mac and iOS devices have never been so connected and to say that about Apple is incredible. Like conjoined twins incredible.

PCIe-based flash storage and Thunderbolt 2 ensures this laptop stays ahead of the competition. You can too with a case to protect those 5 million pixels and the 5 million pixies that look after them.

Case type

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