Seller’s Guide

Ready to start selling but have questions? We have answers.

Getting started


Selling your artwork on Casemad is incredibly simple. First sign up using our artist application form. We will review your work and then let you know whether you have been approved or not. If you have been approved you will be able to upload your image and start making cash!

Our goal is to create an environment for artists to flourish and profit.

This is how we accomplish that:

  • Best Designs are shown on our Showcase page, which is promoted via all our social media channels.\
  • When you sell a product, we produce, package and ship it for you, so that you can focus on your art (not customer service)!
  • You won’t have any physical stock to purchase carry or keep – we deal with all that!
  • Generous commissions of 20% on Phone cases and 10% on Macbook Cases – best sellers get additional reward bonuses and exposure / promotion.

In order to sell your artwork as prints or other products you must apply to join the Casemad seller’s community. Apply here!

Basic Guidelines

We hand pick artists who fit our strict criteria mentioned above (and in guidelines below), after all we want to show off your (great) art as much as possible.

If you are accepted; we will send you an email with more details and login information so you can begin uploading designs and customizing your profile.

All artwork and designs must be original, under no circumstances is copyrighted material accepted.

No discrimination either within text or image/design.

We will not accept designs that include celebrities.

We always acknowledge the designer and provide a link to their profile, which features their own designs where customers can purchase more.

We give the most exposure to artists who submit exclusive work for 3-6 months.

There are no costs or monthly fees to pay when you are accepted into the Casemad Artist Community.

Neither are there any costs in relation to delivering/shipping the items; we cover that for you!

There is no limit to the number of designs you can submit.

Ownership of Designs: Let’s keep this simple – you the designer keep full rights and ownership over the designs you create.



All of our products are produced when customers order them, on-demand. We use only the highest quality materials (3d sublimation printing process) so that customers will keep coming back for more. Buying a Casemad product means high quality prints and products from the passionate and talented artists in our community.

Currently our product ranges include:

  • Mobile/Cellphone cases
  • iPad cases
  • Macbook cases



(Please email us for the templates on with your artist details and we will provide access to download the required files)

You can find a list of our required templates and dimensions below. This is everything you need to ensure your prints are the highest quality possible for your buyers.

Make sure you cover the entire template canvas from edge to edge.
Cover all holes in the template such as camera & speaker holes as this improves the finish of the cases at the printing stage.
Use 300 DPI (all our templates are set to 300 DPI by default)
Use CMYK colour space (all our templates are set to this)
When saving, use the high-quality JPG setting with no compression.
Ensure you are using the correct dimensions for the case you are designing.
All our templates have been measured to be as accurate as possible
When naming your artwork files prefixed them with the model, this makes locating your template at a later date easier.

Mobile / Cellphone case templates:
iPad case templates:
Macbook case templates:

Dimensions: width(in pixels) x height(in pixels)

iPhone Cases:
iPhone 5/5S: 947px × 1588px
iPhone 5C: 970px × 1655px
iPhone 6: 1039px × 1818px
iPhone 6 Plus: 1085px × 1960px
iPhone 6S: 1039px × 1818px
iPhone 6S Plus: 1085px × 1960px

iPad Cases:
iPad 2 / 3 / 4: 2244px × 2917px
iPad Air: 2126px × 2906px
iPad Air 2: 2055px × 2858px
iPad Mini 2 / 3: 1630px × 2409px
iPad Mini: 1630px × 2409px

Samsung Cases:
Samsung S5: 1134px × 1890px
Samsung S6: 1039px × 1890px
Samsung S6 Edge: 1039px × 1890px

MacBook Cases:
MacBook 12″: 3361px × 2369px
MacBook Air 11″: 3579px × 2315px
MacBook Air 13″: 3886px × 2728px
MacBook Pro 13″ NON Retina: 3886px × 2737px
MacBook Pro 13″ Retina: 3744px × 2634px
MacBook Pro 15″ Retina: 4276px × 2976px



Every piece of artwork you post on Casemad is your hard work. You control the rights to the work and can add, delete and edit as you please. While it is up to our team to approve before it goes live, once it is approved, you have full say on when, where and what is sold.

Track your earnings


At Casemad we are all about transparency. You will be able to track all of your earnings and payouts through your account dashboard. If you have any issues or see a discrepancy, we are always available to chat and will work with you to correct any issues.



You receive 20% commission on each item (10% on Macbook cases). Your commission is paid monthly to the Paypal account we have on file. Once you have your first sale there is a 30-day payout grace period and after that period, payment is on the first of every month



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