Being human, tough isn’t it? Of course, until we ourselves invented computers we thought we were pretty clever at life. Now with computer memory, automated machines, AI beating us at playing chess and even winning simulated wars without our input on decision making. We are now in the playground with “If we can’t beat them, join them.” Or at least merge.

With the ability to transfer computer technology to handsets and every where we go. Embedding computer software programmes in the palms of our hands we now have the power to automate and control many more aspects of our lives. Making change for the good, or at least we hope so. There are doctors out there that believe technology is making us dumber. I couldn’t possible comment, let me ‘Google’ that to check…

1. Lost Keys:



If you live alone, losing keys can be a nightmare. In fact think about it, where do you keep the spare? A neighbour, the office, a relative 100 miles away, safety deposit box or under the mat perhaps? With some mobile apps you can actually make a digital scan of your key and with biometric confirmation, get a new key cut to the exact dimensions.

2. Home Control:

From Automated Home
From Automated Home

I am enamoured that in the Winter months I can actually come home, whether running late or early, to a house that isn’t as cold as outside. Though apps we can all turn our heating on or off remotely and make it turn on as soon as we cross a specified geofence. This can also be achieved with lights, computers, television, even locks and letting the dog out to the garden if certain tech is fitted.

3. Map Data:


Whether walking or driving, we have found mobile phone app maps to be invaluable. Driving with a GPS enables us to pinpoint our location and input destinations and simply follow the route blindly. Secondary services offer real time traffic and accident data enabling us to switch routes should we be advised. This data is collected by users in front of you.

4. Weather:


We British love to talk about it, as at any point it could rain, be sunny or just turn chilly. If you consider satellite overlay maps which detail the actual live position of rain and weather patterns. This data can be translated as a real time offering pertaining to your GPS location. So if you are at X and the rain is at Y, calculating wind direction, you will be informed that rain might start in 16 minutes.

5. NFC Tags:


Fed up of changing your settings on your mobile phone every time you enter a new location, home, car or office? Set up NFC tags for near field communications to work in tandem with a variety of apps. These can then change setting on your phone for the situation at hand. Even automatically change settings in your home and office too, from miles away.

6. Fitness:


I used to make do with jogging around a park for 45 minutes, three days a week to lose weight. I do confess however that I measured the distance on Google Maps. It’s not so silly to use these apps to gauge how far you’ve jogged or walked, how many calories you may have burned and a variety of other health sensors.

There are far too many lifestyle changes that mobile phone apps have helped automation and make possible. New relationships started by dating apps that matched you with a person based on GPS location and tell them you’re in the bar looking for a fun night out.

Apps that offer coupons for events and money off shopping. Job alerts, scheduling, note writing, email and call management, social updates and real time travel notifications. With GPS, computer power, remote controls and forecasts, the world really is under your control, well the world from your eyes at least.