Let’s take a look at one individual brand that has mass market ap-peel, Apple Macintosh. More recently abbreviated to Apple with Mac becoming the product base title. Now you may think we’re talk’in tosh but current technology could transform Apple entirely.


We are not going to write yet another article on the possible demise of Apple. Yes they sell computers today, whereas before they sold alternatives to computers. They also sell watches that are not watches and phones which are much like any other smart phone out there. The brand is the appeal.

Why is the future of Macintosh a MacBook Air Cover? Well it could be an iPhone case, an iPad case or anything that is accessory based. Not like any time before today has there been so many technologies merging so that the only difference is size. iPad, iPhone, Pro, Mac, Air and so on, what’s the difference Ladies and Gentleman?

The answer is size. Make calls, play video, surf the net, text, listen to music. The only parts that make all these gadgets different is design, size of display, memory, storage space and how heavy, light of compact the unit might be. So what does technology really come down to, appearance and brand evidently.

A case in point. Since the advent of the cheapest computer and the Raspberry, many others have been building similar atrocities. Fear the cheap but very useful components that will march like an army against the Apple Macintosh brand. Did you know that you can turn your television into a computer?

For less than the cost of a computer, on your already very large highly pixelated TV display, you can add a USB plugin that runs computer software, an operating system and can view the internet. You can already transfer images and videos from a synced tablet to a television.

With Raspberry already showing itself morphing into turning your telly into a computer. Every single mobile computer device being able to do every function you require. Ethernet being scrapped for wholesale wireless reliance, disc drives going out the window, the next thing we will lose is physical ownership of software as it will all be in the cloud available upon command.

If your TV is your computer, why do you need a Mac? If your iPhone is your iPad and your Mac a MacBook, do you really need an “iAnything? Appearance and brand is the only thing that is currently separating products which already do and offer everything.

As computer components shrink, physical keyboards become defunct, electrical plugs are unnecessary and screen sizes are but projections. The only thing you’ll really need to separate all of the world’s computerised devises is, yes you guessed it, a custom image laden, MacBook air case. It may not be the end of Apple but the beginning of you, and you, and you and you….

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