Have you ever lost your mobile phone? There are a variety of reasons why you believe you might have and begun a claim on your insurance. Then a few days later remembered where it is or found it in the fridge and had to cancel the claim. We have discovered several unusual ways people claim on mobile insurance, now let’s explore the strangest places people have lost their phone…


Sometimes, it is their occupations and past times that eventually led them to lose their mobile phone in the first place. Considering mobiles are such an intricate part of our lives nowadays it’s surprising that so many people lose their phones at all. According to studies phones are lost mostly between 9pm and 2am. And you’re most likely to lose your phone while on holiday, at a sporting event, or a big get together. Apparently Christmas and New Years Eve saw a large increase in lost mobile phones too.

1. During the 18th and 19th century when we buried people...

The Fear of Being Buried Alive
The Fear of Being Buried Alive

…We used to also provide a string and bell just in case they miraculously woke up. This was an age where people comatose from alcohol were believed dead. However, fast forward to the present day: one undertaker got a little bit carried away and provided his own mobile as a service. Thankfully he found it in the coffin before the person was put to rest. Well, rested until the phone stopped ringing and battery died too. RIP

2. I should think more than just this one builder has managed to lose his phone on a work site.

phone left in wall

It’s not just mice that get trapped under carpets and cats in lofts. A builder fitting a new extension, left his mobile in the cavity wall and had full entombed his communications. It was only once the resident heard ringing from within the wall that his phone was found. Unfortunately having to undo all his hard work in the process and the resident happier she wasn’t being contacted from beyond the grave.

3. Talking of cats..

..We’ve all read about the magnificent feline explorers who managed to make journeys of hundreds of miles under the bonnet of a car. Mobiles seemingly make similar trips. A man put his phone to the side whilst topping up the antifreeze and shut his mobile underneath the bonnet without realising!

4. Stranger things can happen... Can they?

"Erm, You left your phone where now?!?"
“Erm, You left your phone where now?!?”

I think not. A vet visiting a farmer in Devon to assist in delivering a new born calf, used the torch on his phone to take a closer look. Somehow the mobile phone got stuck inside the cow. That gives a whole new meaning to cow bells.

5. Do you want phone with that cake?

Full story here
Full story here

And finally, a housewife baking a cake for the family managed to drop her phone in the cake mix and didn’t even hear it splash. She cooked the Victoria Sponge as per usual but while the sponge turned out rather good, the mobile phone did not survive the heat. Editor note: We saw this story and were a bit…


And of course, no lost mobile phone article would be complete without the inclusion of a pet or two. While we are pretty good at training our cats and dogs not to scratch and eat the furniture, dogs do still take our shoes, slippers and occasionally the remote control.

6. Anyone with a Golden Retriever knows they love to chew.


Enter Sam from Stirling, Scotland. Being sick for seemingly no reason, the vet opened him up to gauge whether he had swallowed something he shouldn’t have. Low and behold, she found a mobile phone that the owner just simply couldn’t find anywhere. A short story that makes fun of the Cockney slang, on the “Dog and Bone” (meaning ‘on the phone’ for those who don’t know the lingo).