Depending on how you insure your phone and what your memory recall is like, this mobile phone ownership game can get a tad expensive. Though it is not only the losing of a phone that can add up financially. Any of the technology inside a handset can go awry at any moment.

We detail several unusual ways claims on mobile phone insurance occur and some of the most popular reasons. If you wish to read about some of the funny ways people lose their mobile phone, you can do so here. Though some are mentioned below.



Dropping it in the toilet bowl is probably more common than you think. Not only water damage but imagine if you haven’t flushed before it fell? Your mobile phone insurer will almost certainly question “are you taking the urine?”



Being small and easy to swipe when used out in public or when left in the open. Millions of phones are stolen every year. Either to be resold or used in other crimes. Try dimming your display light so it is less visible and stop leaving it on the table at restaurants.


Don't Drop It!
Don’t Drop It!

Water, water, everywhere. Puddles, the shower, bath, swimming pool, the sea, lakes. We take our phone everywhere and either due to being clumsy or having sweaty hands, our mobiles often dive, dive, dive. Though you can send off a phone to be repaired and the moisture removed and you can apply a variety of waterproof cases and gel solutions. The latter are not very good after the fact.


Now imagine your phone dropping out of your pocket!
Never mind how dangerous this looks, imagine your phone dropping out of your pocket from this height!

The job you do will often see your phone end up in amazing places. Top of a 50 storey building, dropped in an elevator shaft, left in a coffin. How’s about stuck between two walls you just built or left in the cockpit of a plane you just piloted. Consider your current job and ensure you keep it on your body at all times using cases for belts or hooks. Imagine being an hotel room cleaner, “now which room did I leave my mobile in…”



While Gorilla Glass is beating its chest these days, mobile phones can still have screen problems. As smart phones tend to have all commands and buttons screen based, that makes a phone pretty much unusable. From cracked displays due to damage and screen freezes due to software malfunction. Both can be repaired so don’t claim if that’s the only problem!



Now obviously being able to hear the other person is important. While some bad calls can be down to reception alone. Sometimes the mic gets dislodged or speakers become inoperative. A repair shop should be able to deal with this, though if you’re with the big bad Apple, that could come at quite an expense. TIP: Check volume button before seeking assistance.



Have you ever left your mobile on top of the car? Talk about fast internet… people lose their phones simply by leaving them in nooks and crannies while they do something (one popular place is down the side of the sofa). Or on top of furniture and out of sight. Always get someone to ask you where your mobile phone is, before you make a claim. You’ll be surprised how often you tend to remember.



You may laugh and ponder why people do such things but consider how many times you take your phone when out gardening. Some people bury their phone while planting trees. While it’s hopeful you’ll end up with a mobile phone tree and free calls for life, it ain’t going to happen! At the other end of our lives, some undertakers go as far as to leave the mobile in the coffin. Now that is contact from the other side!

The lesson of course to learn is to do all possible, to ensure you don’t lose your mobile. Secondly, if something does go wrong with the handset, don’t make a claim on your insurance straight away. Although important to do so quickly, make sure you exhaust all repair avenues properly.

There are usually three forms of mobile phone insurance. One supplied by the vendor and is stand alone. Quite expensive over time if nothing ever goes wrong and is a way for the retailer to get more money out of you. There’s also your home insurance, which can insure for technology taken out of the house, but do check the small print!

If you claim too many times on home contents insurance your premiums will go up, so it is probably best to take the expense on the chin. The third is growing in popularity and is a gadget insurance that takes into account all of your indoor and outside tech. Ranging from televisions, hand-held game players through to your mobile phone.

photo credit: Hung Up via photopin (license)