Until the Government gets rid of the TV licence, you do need one to watch television on any computer device, which includes your iPad Mini or any other tablet. Here’s our brief guide on how to watch Wimbledon on an iPad Mini and save a bit of money. It’s a lot straightforward that you might think.

The BBC have a free offering called iPlayer, this works on a variety of devices but quality really comes down to the options you choose and your internet connection. Simply sign up to iPlayer, invite your friends over, install and you can stream any number of programmes, live or from the past via the catalogue.

You can tune into Wimbledon and watch it live but don’t use this for in-live betting as the action is at the very least, 30 seconds behind the live TV coverage, which may also be a few seconds behind the actual event. Whether you’re an Andy Murray or Simona Halep fan you follow the live action as it almost happens.ipad-mini-3-caseA few things to be wary of however is your current data use contract. Streaming takes up far more MB usage than simply downloading a video file. You also need to decide upon 4G or 3G as a connection. 4G offers better quality but downloads far more data. For half an hour of streaming you could expect to use up to 300mb on 4g, less than half on 3G.

To really get behind your favourite tennis player and let everyone know who you’re supporting during Wimbledon 2015 while watching the tournament on your iPad. Why not design a iPad Mini casing to let everyone know, it only takes a couple of minutes!. Upload photos of your favourite tennis players with Wimbledon as background. Add the text “Please do not disturb, watching Wimbledon 2015 live”.