You may have read about the vet who managed to get a mobile phone stuck up a cow’s orifice or the builder who left his phone in a cavity and sealed it behind a newly built wall. But these are extenuating circumstances. What about the ways which a HTC One M9 phone case protects every day users of their phone?


Firstly let’s take a look at the protective casings. These are manufactured from materials such as polycarbonate, injection moulded rubber and soft membrane leather look cases which absorb the impact of drops and scrapes, leaving your mobile scathe free.

Your mobile phone is carried everywhere you go. In bags, pockets, as an attachment to your wrist when exercising or on clothing. Open to all elements like rain, puddles, heat from the sun and if you work in a mad scientist’s laboratory, a concoction of chemicals that could end your phone’s life.

While the protective cases won’t stave off a nuclear attack or stop damage from a 32 tonne lorry driving over it. Should you drop your phone while riding an Alton Tower’s roller coaster, accidentally collide with a lamp post while walking down the street not looking where you are going and it should fall, your mobile could survive the incidents.

It’s all in the science of manufacturing composites and materials that absorb the energy from a drop. Molecules that are blended together to ensure any movement within something solid is sufficiently measured to allow the material to bend, flex or receive the cut, dent or scrape rather than the mobile phone embedded within.

Phone cases are akin to air bags and car bumpers for your M9. While our phone cases don’t actually offer impact activated parachutes, reverse powered engines providing lift or wings for glide ability and a safe landing. They will prevent the type of damage which could see even Gorilla glass crack and cases to detach and the battery to fly out at velocity.

There is also one other feature of personalised HTC M9 cases that protects the phone and its owner. The very fact that is has a custom image means someone who owns the same phone won’t accidentally pick up your phone and start talking  to your girlfriend or texting saucy messages to your mother in law… No matter how much she might enjoy the conversation!

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