Making lists is a popular past time on the internet these days. Individuals upload their wishes and desires, what they just bought and companies list their favourite destinations and products to get you to buy them. We made a comparison of the Macbook Pro Vs Macbook Pro Retina here. So we thought we’d give it a try with a list of what a MacBook Pro case won’t protect against in life.

If you’re going on holiday to Ukraine and you end up on the wrong side of the demarcation line, there’s little point holding the MacBook Pro in front of your body hoping to deflect the RPG that has been fired at you. Drop the laptop and run in a zig zag fashion!

If you’re at sea and your boat is about to sink, do not jump overboard with a custom MacBook Pro case. Leave it behind and grab a life jacket instead. Your laptop case will not float and neither will you if take it with you. Another situation where the case will not protect you is if Ebola lands on our shores. If someone sneezes, the droplets can be projected 25 metres.

Remember, a custom case does not protect you. It is designed to protect the MacBook Pro from light impact damage. Not from sinking, RPGs and to prevent diseases from spreading.

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