There are a great many communication errors and mobile phone jokes that circulate the internet. From customer complaints to mistyped text messages, ideas for smartphone cover designs, aided and abetted by design technology. Predictive text is one of the least predictive functions on a mobile that provides some funny results.iphone6leathercase

From call centres to drunken mis-dials, calling people pretending to be far away, when you’re right next to them and more mischievous people who say they’re one place while having an affair with another. Naughty naughty. The invention of the mobile phone has caused a lot of hilarity as well as embarrassment and hurt.

People use the phone as tools of the trade, to get custom, seal sales and receive calls from customers. They are also integral aspects of our lives, both in relationships and socially. We use them in the pub, down the bookies, in the park, even to save money and buy stuff on eBay or Gumtree, on the bus and call from work. So they are a valued part of our everyday lives, are quite expensive, and need to be protected. All situations in which jokes and funny tales can be derived.

Due to all these many locations that we frequent, we leave our phones in the strangest of places. Up trees, behind a sealed brick wall, drop it in the toilet, see the dog eat them and so on. Whatever would we do without the modern day smart phone?

Mobiles are an integral part of every day life, even more so now they can take photos and videos, which using the latest wifi or satellite connection, can whisk your images to the screens of millions within seconds, whether you’re in central London or sailing up the Nile.

It seems that for now, the jokes about mobile phones, situations and results of conversations will continue to be never ending. Mainly in part to humans not being able to read facial expressions or simply allowing technology to take control over their typing ability. The ease with which we can call someone 1000 miles away and speak our mind in an instant also leads to awkward and unusual scenarios. The first era in history where conversation didn’t take into account body language.

Oh yes, the answer to why did the personalised iPhone 6 cover cross the road? A) It was being worn by the chicken and B) phone cases at the Casemad shop on the other side were so much better! If you have any mobile phone jokes, please post them in the comments section below!